Take advantage of our Contactless Service

We want our customers to know that the health and safety of our customers and employees is our #1 priority.  We are closely following the recommendations and updates of the CDC daily.  We believe that it is important to communicate to you what we are doing.

  • All of our employees are instructed to contact their supervisor immediately if they are not feeling well. It will then be determined if they should come to work or not, based on symptoms and other factors. We will not have any employees who are ill come to work during this time.
  • All Brubaker Inc. employees maintain proper social distancing when interacting with our customers and each other as per CDC guidelines.
  • Our technicians wear one-time-use shoe covers and disposable gloves while working in any areas of your home.
  • Brubaker Inc. technicians disinfect everything from our tools to the steering wheel and door handles of our service vehicles.
  • Our technicians, as well as our office and support staff, are equipped with disinfecting wipes and solutions, along with hand sanitizer and have been briefed on safety practices within both our offices and our customers’ homes.
  • All Brubaker Inc. technicians will wear masks while inside the customer’s residence (excluding the “work area” when applicable).
  • All Brubaker Inc. employees are closely monitoring their own health. To date we have had no reported cases of an employee exhibiting symptoms related to COVID-19. In the event there is any individual who is presenting symptoms or fear they may have been exposed, they will be sent home with instruction to see their personal physician. If necessary they will be self-quarantined, along with any employees that they have been in contact with.
  • Our Remodeling technicians will utilize plastic sheeting to separate all work areas from the rest of the home whenever applicable.

How a typical service call works:

  • When you first contact us, we will ask a few questions of you so we can gauge the situation, health-wise, for our technicians and for you.
  • We will share with you our protocols and procedures so that you know what we are doing to help keep you safe.
  • We will give you a call or text you when we are on our way and when we arrive to greet you and sort out next steps over the phone.
  • We will wear a complete set of personal protective equipment, as mentioned above.
  • Where practical, we will have you work any controls (like a thermostat) to reduce our contact with your devices.
  • We ensure that any parts that we need to complete the work are sent over safely and with a minimum of contact.
  • At time of payment, we will ask for a verbal approval/signature from you to sign off on any documentation, instead of requiring an actual signature.
  • We send all documents electronically and complete the payment without physical methods like checks or cash.

We believe that these safety and preventative measures will allow us to keep both our customers and employees as safe as possible. For our remodel projects, our minimal subcontracting to complete all of our projects will also help minimize the number of people who need to enter your home in order to bring it to completion.

As always, we are available 24/7 for your plumbing, heating, cooling, and electrical needs. Schedule service online or call us at 717.299.5641.