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Get a FREE Home Replacement Heating and Cooling System Estimate

How old is your existing heating and cooling system? How efficient is it? Are its best years behind it?

Gain peace of mind that your system won’t let you down once cold weather sets in this winter. Have one of our Comfort Advisors here at Brubaker Inc. work with you to upgrade your system to a new, energy efficient, dependable system that will provide you with years of comfort, in cold or hot weather. And for a limited time, we are providing free estimates for you!

Contact one of our Comfort Advisors at 717.299.5641 or
contact us to schedule your appointment and find out more!

Heating Tune Up Special

Make your HVAC system more energy efficient.
From now until October 16th, 2020!

It’s time to get your heating system scheduled for a tune up!

Manufacturer warranties for most systems require annual tune ups, and for good reason. These preventative maintenance measures extend the life of your system by keeping your system running the way it is designed to run.

During a seasonal tune up, our technicians run diagnostics on every part of your system.  We make sure that fans run smoothly, the thermostat is programmed to your liking, and that all critical parts are not showing signs of wear. If a component needs replacing, we can replace it for you before it gives out. We’ll even replace the filter for you — one less hassle!

    FREE Backup Generator Estimate

    The dependability of our nation’s power grid is becoming more tenuous over time, and it is especially apparent in times like now with the prolonged, excessive heat that we have been experiencing.  Air conditioning is generating peak demand; storms have knocked power out for hundreds of thousands during this time when air cooling is needed most.

    Now is the time to consider giving yourself some added security and independence with an automatic standby generator.

    Back your home up with a Generac or Honeywell generator and never have to worry again. An automatic standby generator works by monitoring utility voltage 24/7. When your electricity is interrupted, the generator detects the problem and goes to work. The automatic transfer switch safely disconnects the utility line and transfers to generator power. Power is simultaneously restored within seconds. Once the utility is restored, the generator returns to standby mode.

    Want to get a $100.00 check from us?

    Refer a friend for a remodel project, or a new heating or cooling system and receive $100.00 from us as a ‘Thank You’!

    Refer a friend to us, and when they purchase a new central heating or air conditioning system for their home, you get a $100.00 check from us!*  It’s our way of saying thank you for thinking of us!

    *Contract must be signed and installation completed for referral check to be issued.