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Electrical Service

Electrical Service that Exceeds Expectations

Brubaker Inc. is your local, trusted home services provider for over 75 years. When you need electricians in Lancaster, PA and nearby areas, you can trust us for Service Exceeding’ll SEE! and straightforward pricing. Call us today for electrical service in Lancaster County and near you.

Emergency Electrical Service

When something seems wrong with your home’s electrical system, you want an electrical contractor who can respond promptly, analyze your system accurately, and repair it affordably.

Some indicators there might be a problem with your electrical system:

You see sparks, hear a pop or buzzing, or smell something hot from an electrical source in your home and don’t know why.

A circuit breaker in your home’s electrical panel stays tripped when you try to reset it

Your electrical power line has been detached from your home’s exterior or has otherwise been damaged in a storm (call your electric service provider such as PP&L first).

You don’t have power in one part of your home, and you don’t know why.

24-hour service for Club members and next-day emergency service calls are available. Call us any time, day or night, to schedule electrical service. Call 717.299.5641.

What Straightforward Pricing Means for You

Straightforward pricing means you will never be surprised by a repair bill from Brubaker Inc. When our plumbing technician makes a service call, we will evaluate your repair needs, make a recommendation, and provide you with a price for the work. There are no hidden fees tacked onto your bill and no strong-arm upsell tactics. The price we tell you is the price you pay.

Flexible Repair Scheduling

No time is a good time to have an electrical issue.

It’s during these times that you’ll appreciate our emergency service. Call us and an experienced electrician will be at your door right away to fix the problem so you can get back to living your life.

For non-emergency electrical repairs, we offer flexible appointments to fit your schedule – whether that’s tomorrow or next week. We keep all our service trucks freshly stocked with replacement parts, materials, and fixtures, which means that many repairs happen on the spot. It’s a real time saver!

A home electrical system tends to break down when you need it the most–either during a cold winter night or a sweltering summer afternoon. During times of great need, 24-hour emergency service for Club members and next day emergency service is available.

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Work that shouldn’t wait

  • A circuit breaker trips often – It’s a sign that you have too much on one circuit. We can break up the circuit differently or run a new one based on your situation.
  • Too many extension cords – Extension cords and power strips can be dangerous. We can install additional electrical receptacles where you need them.
  • Lots of valuable electronics – The best way to protect your computers, TVs, and other electronic devices is with a whole-house surge protector.
  • Not enough outdoor lighting – We install outdoor lighting fixtures, including ones with motion detectors and timers. They’re a great way to dress up your property while also dramatically increasing your security.
  • Knob-and-tube wiring – Older homes were first wired with a method called knob and tube. If you’re just moving into a home or looking to sell, it’s a great time to rewire your home to bring it up to current safety standards.

Comprehensive Annual Safety Inspections

Annual inspections are common for heating and air conditioning systems, but what about your home’s electrical system? At Brubaker Inc., we offer a comprehensive annual safety inspection to members of our Diamond Club.

During the annual inspection, our electrician will test or inspect:

  • 10 different safety conditions in your main electrical panel
  • 7 different safety conditions in your electric meter box and the service cable
  • Any exposed wiring and device boxes in your basement
  • Smoke and Carbon Monoxide detectors and alarms
  • GFCI protection in required areas
  • Exhaust fans for proper venting
  • Furnace and air conditioning wiring, breakers, and disconnect switches

After the annual inspection, we’ll complete any necessary repairs and replacements, before a catastrophic failure or incident occurs. Sign up for a scheduled inspection and gain the peace of mind that you won’t come home to an electrical-related crisis.

Complete Electrical Services

Our experienced electrical crew can do it all! We have the knowledge, tools, and equipment.

Aesthetic upgrades and fixes

• A/V power and wiring (behind TV, built-in speakers, etc.)
• Add a light fixture where there isn’t one
• Replace an old light fixture
• Install dimmer switch
• Replace burnt-out bulbs in hard-to-reach locations
• Install outdoor lighting

Comfort upgrades and fixes

• Install a ceiling fan
• Install or replace baseboard (electric) heaters
• Power to new central A/C unit

Add value to your home

• Electrical safety inspection
• Complete items on a home inspector's checklist
• Upgrade service from 100 amp to 200 amp


• Install wifi cameras
• Run cat-5 (ethernet) wires
• Install intercom system

Add something new!

• Power to garage or shed
• Power to new pool or hot tub
• Power to new washing machine + dryer
• Convert basement or attic
• Wire renovated/remodeled room (especially bathroom, kitchen, or laundry)

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Service upgrades and panel replacements

We update dangerous old electrical panels and also give you more room for more circuits, including by upgrading your home from 100 amp service to 200 amp.
When you have circuit breakers tripping too often or want to add more electrical outlets to your home, if you're out of space in your electrical panel, you're out of luck... until you upgrade. Many of today's homes have electrical needs that exceed their original 100 amp service. And many others have old, dangerous circuit breaker panels that should be replaced for safety reasons.

We make it easy to find out if upgrading your service or replacing your panel is right for you. Give us a call, and if you do need it, we'll give you a total quote for the project. No pressure and no obligation.

Certified generator installation

Our electricians are factory-certified to install Generac and Honeywell generators. Many municipalities require not only building permits, but also zoning permits for these installations, and we take care of it all.

Never go without power again. These home backup generators run on natural gas or LP from your existing service. There are many fly-by-night and single-man operations who claim they can install generators, but we have repaired enough of their work to know it isn't true. Only rely on an experienced company like Brubaker Inc. that is certified by the manufacturer to complete the installation correctly and in keeping with the requirements of the manufacturer warranties.

Several men working on plumbing and heating systems.

Serving You Safely

Take advantage of our Contactless Service

We want our customers to know that the health and safety of our customers and employees is our #1 priority. We are closely following the recommendations and updates of the CDC daily. We believe that it is important to communicate to you what we are doing.

  • All of our employees are instructed to contact their supervisor immediately if they are not feeling well. It will then be determined if they should come to work or not, based on symptoms and other factors. We will not have any employees who are ill come to work during this time.
  • All Brubaker Inc. employees maintain proper social distancing when interacting with our customers and each other as per CDC guidelines.
  • Our technicians wear one-time-use shoe covers and disposable gloves while working in any areas of your home.
  • Brubaker Inc. technicians disinfect everything from our tools to the steering wheel and door handles of our service vehicles.
  • Our technicians, as well as our office and support staff, are equipped with disinfecting wipes and solutions, along with hand sanitizer and have been briefed on safety practices within both our offices and our customers’ homes.
  • All Brubaker Inc. technicians will wear masks while inside the customer’s residence (excluding the “work area” when applicable).
  • All Brubaker Inc. employees are closely monitoring their own health. To date we have had no reported cases of an employee exhibiting symptoms related to COVID-19. In the event there is any individual who is presenting symptoms or fear they may have been exposed, they will be sent home with instruction to see their personal physician. If necessary they will be self-quarantined, along with any employees that they have been in contact with.
  • Our Remodeling technicians will utilize plastic sheeting to separate all work areas from the rest of the home whenever applicable.