Here’s how to keep yourself and your contractor safe in a pandemic

By ERIN NEGLEY, Staff Writer,

(Vice President Gerry Brubaker was interviewed by Lancaster Newspapers for this article)

…(H)ealth questions are important for customers as well for the safety of employees. Staff at Brubaker Inc. on Rohrerstown Road check twice with customers about their heath, including whether they have COVID-19 or have been in contact with anyone who has tested positive, says Jerry Brubaker, vice president. That has not happened as staff continue to replace water heaters and refrigerators and repair heating systems.

“If it’s in their house, we will not be going there,” he says. “That’s a safety factor for our technicians.”
Protective equipment

Ask companies what type of protective equipment they’re giving employees and what rules they have to stay safe in homes.

Masks are important for workers, especially when they are indoors, Wolf says.

Technicians with Brubaker pause before they enter a home to put on masks, gloves and booties.

“With the masks it’s a bit more impersonal unfortunately because you can’t speak to the customer and see their face and their reaction and take cues from them,” Brubaker says. “It’s what we need to do today.”
Don’t get too close

The Centers for Disease Control recommends staying at least 6 feet from others to limit the spread of COVID-19. Plenty of customers of Brubaker have keep their distance.

“Then we have some who you’re working and they’re right over your shoulder,” Brubaker says. “We prefer for them to stay back and stay away.”

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