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When you need reliable, dependable water softener service in Lancaster County, trust our technicians for Service Exceeding Expectations...You’ll SEE! and straightforward pricing.

Effects of Hard Water

Many homeowners in our region of Pennsylvania have hard water but are unaware of it. Often you can’t taste, smell, or feel the “hardness” of your water — but you can see the effects of hard water. Some effects of hard water include:
  • Your hair often feels dry, brittle, and almost sticky.
  • Your silverware comes out of the dishwasher with spots and streaks.
  • A ring of grime forms around your toilets and your bathtub.
  • Your clothes never get quite as clean as you expect them to be.

Testing for Hard Water

At Brubaker Inc., we make it easy for you to resolve the hard-water issues in your home, once and for all:
  1. A Brubaker Inc. plumber will test your tap water on the spot for water hardness and review the results with you.
  2. We will prepare and provide you with a no-obligation quote (or quotes) for our recommended water softening solution.
  3. We will schedule an appointment with you to install the recommended water softening equipment for you.

With over 60 years of experience, we have perfected the Brusoft Water Softener and the installation process. If our technician identifies that you would benefit from a water softener system, we’ll provide you with the options and straightforward pricing. 
Give us a call to schedule an appointment with a technician today!

Benefits of A Water Softener

Every day, we make it easy for homeowners like you to enjoy the various benefits of softer water.

Cleaner Clothes & Better Skin

  • The right water softener will leave your clothes cleaner after washing and will provide you with a bath or shower that you never dreamed could be so refreshing and stimulating.
  • A water softener will leave your shampooed hair feeling softer.  No more bad hair days because of your shower.
  • A water softener will leave your skin feeling softer.


Kitchen & Appliances

  • A water softener will reduce or eliminate spotting on your silverware and glasses.
  • A water softener will make increase the life of your coffeemaker.
  • A water softener will help extend the life of all of your appliances that use water, and especially if they have a heating element or mechanism in them.

Household Cleaning

  • A water softener will help you save money on cleaning supplies.
  • A water softener will help reduce your manual cleaning time.

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"We had our water filtration and softener system installed and new toilets installed (that we had purchased). Service was timely, efficient and professional. Later, when having appliances installed, we encountered a new issue related to the water line to the fridge. We had Lucas out within an hour or two, and the issue was quickly resolved. The service staff and friendly and professional - would use again."

Kay Nichols-Wolfe

"Very professional and very nice. Told me everything he was doing and went the extra mile to answer a question I had on my water softener. I will keep using Brubakers."

Mike Harnish

"I've used Brubaker a few times for repairs including heating and plumbing. They are professional and very quick to provide service when needed. A one stop shop for HVAC, plumbing and electrical."

Wes Heidel

About Brubaker Inc. – Experienced Water Softener Technicians in Lancaster, PA

A local, family-owned business, Brubaker Inc. has been serving our Lancaster-area neighbors for 75 years. You can trust our team of certified technicians for all your home service needs, including heating, cooling, and electrical services, home remodeling, and major home appliance sales and service.
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In Pennsylvania, plumbing codes are controlled at the municipal level. That’s why Brubaker Inc. has developed long-term relationships with local code officials. We keep up-to-date on local plumbing codes so all our water softener installation work remains compliant.