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Gain Peace of Mind – Improve your Indoor Air Quality

Brubaker Inc. has the Indoor Air Quality products, services, and solutions to ensure your peace of mind. Indoor Air Quality has been in the forefront of peoples' minds.  With the COVID virus situation, it is more important now than ever. The COVID ... Read More

Tips for Updating an Outdated Kitchen

Remodeling a kitchen is a major project. You have to demo and remove the old kitchen, update insulation, new cabinets and drywall work, and the list goes on. To help you save time, money, and frustration, here are some tips for ... Read More

Easy Ways to Make Your Home Eco-Friendly

Are you looking for easy ways to make your home more eco-friendly and energy-efficient? There are lots of simple, practical steps that you can take to decrease your home’s carbon footprint. Learn how to save money and energy at home ... Read More

12 Tips for Planning a Home Remodeling Project

All this time spent indoors has been causing us to rethink our homes. Maybe that open concept idea isn’t so great after all? From nurseries and offices to kitchens and bathrooms, a home remodeling project can certainly improve your indoor ... Read More

We’re here to help you!

Trip Fees Waived* $750 Rebate Available* *Now available, through May 30, 2020* While we have been open and serving Lancaster County’s plumbing, heating, air, and electrical needs as an essential business during the mandated shutdown due to COVID-19, many people have not ... Read More

Serving you Safely

Take advantage of our Contactless Service We want our customers to know that the health and safety of our customers and employees is our #1 priority.  We are closely following the recommendations and updates of the CDC daily.  We believe that ... Read More

7 Tips to Improve Your Air Conditioner Efficiency

These are hard times and people are looking for ways to reduce home repairs and cut back on expenses. Since you’re stuck at home, learn how to improve your air conditioner efficiency to save money, reduce breakdowns, and extend the ... Read More

How to Hide Your Outdoor HVAC Unit

The outdoor HVAC unit — that big metal box that contains the compressor, fins, wires, tubes, and fan — is a must-have for central air systems, but it can be a huge eyesore in the yard. In addition to hiding the ... Read More

How to Seal Air Leaks Around the Home for Year-Round Savings

Air leaks around the home can waste a lot of energy. When it’s summer and your air conditioner is running full blast, cool air escapes and warm air enters. In the winter, the reverse occurs — valuable heat escapes and ... Read More

Seasonal Tips for Spring

Spring is finally here and it’s time to make some quick checks around the house .. Here are some quick and immediate plumbing tips for you to consider as the weather starts to warm. Plumbing When turning on water valves for the ... Read More

Seasonal Tips for Autumn

Plumbing Be sure to disconnect all hoses from outside faucets. A connected hose can prevent proper drainage from the faucet and may freeze and damage the faucet. If you have an outside faucet that is not a frost-proof faucet, be sure to ... Read More

Seasonal Tips for Summer

Plumbing Do you find yourself running out of hot water? Check the date of manufacture on your water heater. This can be found on a label on the unit. Typically the first four numbers of the serial number are the month ... Read More

Seasonal Tips for Spring

Plumbing When turning on water valves for the first time after the cold season is over, check for any leaks that may result from a pipe that may have had some leftover water in it that froze. Also check for leaks ... Read More

Vacation Tips for Your Home

You can easily overlook your support systems when going away for a weekend, vacation, or extended period of time.  If something happens while you’re away, you’ll come home to a nightmare and regret that you weren't better prepared. To make sure ... Read More

Seasonal Tips for Winter

Plumbing Do you have trouble with pipes freezing? Turn a faucet on to a slow trickle on an especially cold night to aid in keeping it from freezing solid. If you anticipate freezing problems or you have time in advance, try ... Read More

Ways To Save Money On Your Air Conditioning Costs

If you have central air conditioning or a window air conditioning unit, you can cut your electric bills significantly, especially in very warm climates, by following these energy-saving cooling tips for when the cooling season begins. When buying a window air ... Read More

Do you care about your Indoor Air Quality?

February is sometimes known as "National Care About Your Indoor Air" Month   We hear it in the news all of the time.  More and more instances of asthma and other respiratory irritations and illnesses.  Skin irritations.  Flu bugs and other communicable ... Read More

Air Conditioner Appreciation Days

Or...better known as the Dog Days of Summer. Where would we be without air conditioning?  True, our forebears in a bygone era didn't have it, but if they could have looked into a crystal ball to see the future, is there ... Read More

May is Allergy Awareness Month

May is considered by many to be the peak time for allergy and asthma sufferers This year, symptoms are especially bad for many in our country, due to an unseasonably warm winter for 2011-2012. Who out there doesn’t know someone ... Read More