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Some sun amidst the gloom

A look at how some local businesses are making the most of hard times, including one that is still installing $300,000 kitchens. (Compliments of Lancaster Sunday News, March 08, 2009)   The economy may have turned sour, but that's not to say it ... Read More

Temperatures sizzle, but relief is in sight

(Compliments of Lancaster Intelligencer Journal, originally published July 10, 2007; updated October 03, 2008)   Air-conditioning salesmen are going to get their wish today and Wednesday — more heat and humidity. Glenn Kreider, a salesman with Brubaker Inc., said Monday that sales ... Read More

Mom’s House ‘Candle of Hope’ Banquet to feature talk-radio host

(Compliments of Lancaster New Era, December 6th, 2001)   Janet Parshall thinks about it every time she drives past a public school and the sign says “God Bless America” or has some faith-based message that would have been a no-no before September ... Read More