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7 Tips to Improve Your Air Conditioner Efficiency

These are hard times and people are looking for ways to reduce home repairs and cut back on expenses. Since you’re stuck at home, learn how to improve your air conditioner efficiency to save money, reduce breakdowns, and extend ... Read More

We are open during the coronavirus crisis

Our 24 Hour Service Division is open We can help you over the phone with your appliance needs However, our Showroom and Design Center are closed momentarily Our Commercial Construction Divisions are closed for the time being   Due to Governor Wolf's edict in response ... Read More

Why Your Water Heater Isn’t Working | Water Heater Troubleshooting

If you’re like most Americans, you rely on your water heater every single day. Whenever you wash clothes, take a shower, or run the dishwasher you are counting on all of the water heater components working together to provide clean, ... Read More

COVID-19 Update

Protecting against the coronavirus Our Team at Brubaker Inc. is taking the COVID-19 outbreak very seriously.  It would be unsettling to have a stranger enter your home without you being confident of their being healthy.  You would want to be assured ... Read More

What Tax Credits Are Available for Making Your Home Energy Efficient?

Millions of Americans are busy preparing their taxes (or at least thinking about it), but IRS codes and manuals can be difficult to understand, even by trained lawyers. To make things more complicated, taxpayers must navigate the new set of laws ... Read More