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Our Modified Showroom and Design Center Hours

Our adjusted hours while the COVID-19 situation persists Here at Brubaker Inc. we have been open as a life-essential business during the COVID-19 pandemic.  However, our Showroom and Design Center has had to modify operations due to Governor Wolf's Red-Yellow-Green guidelines.  ... Read More

We are open during the coronavirus crisis

Our 24 Hour Service Division is open We can help you over the phone with your appliance needs Our Showroom and Design Center are open by appointment only Our Commercial Construction Division is operating with limitations for the time being See our protection measures ... Read More

Why Your Water Heater Isn’t Working | Water Heater Troubleshooting

If you’re like most Americans, you rely on your water heater every single day. Whenever you wash clothes, take a shower, or run the dishwasher you are counting on all of the water heater components working together to provide clean, ... Read More

What Tax Credits Are Available for Making Your Home Energy Efficient?

Millions of Americans are busy preparing their taxes (or at least thinking about it), but IRS codes and manuals can be difficult to understand, even by trained lawyers. To make things more complicated, taxpayers must navigate the new set of laws ... Read More

Among the Best of Lancaster in Appliances!

Brubaker Inc. is feted by Lancaster County Magazine! We are honored that our Appliance Division has received Lancaster County Magazine's Among the Best of Lancaster for 2019!  In the category of Appliances we have been chosen as a leader in Lancaster ... Read More

Happy Birthday!

Happy 90th to our own Glenn Kreider! Today, September 12th, Appliance Sales teammate Glenn Kreider turns 90 years young!  Celebrate with us as we pay tribute to Lancaster County's most experienced (and quite possibly longest-tenured) appliance salesman!  Happy Birthday, Glenn! Having been ... Read More

We will be closed Labor Day

  In observance of Labor Day our Appliance Showroom and Design Center will be closed on  Monday September 7th.  We will reopen on Tuesday September 8th at 9:00 am. As always our 24 hour Service Division is available to meet your plumbing, ... Read More

How to Keep Your White Clothes Looking Fresh

Keeping white clothes bright, white, and fresh can be a challenge. Bleach can be a great refresher to your garments and keep them looking their best. However, you can't use bleach on every fabric.Bleaching Your White ClothesMake sure to check ... Read More

Things to Look for in a Convection Microwave Oven

Many households have grown accustomed to the convenience of having a microwave oven, but only a few have taken advantage of the benefits offered. The difference between a regular microwave oven and a convection microwave oven is its ability to ... Read More

Gas or Electric Range? Which is Better for You?

Maybe you’re sitting in your kitchen – contemplating life and maybe also the difference between electric and gas ranges. Is there a difference? Which type is better? When an appliance, stove, or range has reached the end of its life, you’re ... Read More

Foods You Should Not Put in the Refrigerator

The refrigerator is a wonderful invention, but it's not a miracle preserver for every type of food. The following food items just don't fit in the fridge and should be kept either on the counter or in the freezer. Some ... Read More

Tips on How to Maintain Your Appliances

More people take their appliances and electronics for granted than anything else in their home. We use these items on a daily basis, and many people are completely unaware of how to maintain them. This can result in costly breakdowns, ... Read More

Learn the Difference Between 3 and 4 Slot Dryer Outlets

The 3-slot dryer outlet is currently being replaced by the 4-slot as is required by law. Many people have had the dilemma of trying to convert the 3-slot dryer into the 4-slot one and vice versa. For residences built in ... Read More

How to Care for Different Types of Fabrics

Different fabrics require different care. Cotton and linen are both natural fibers, but using the same techniques on both will result in the material losing quality over time.Caring for LinenUse a delicate detergent and low spin speed. Make sure to ... Read More

Put Your Washer to Work by Washing More than Just Your Dirty Laundry

Even though your washing machine is best suited for your dirty laundry, there are lots of other - often surprising - things that can be cleaned in the washer. Here are just a few to keep in mind.Sports GearYou probably ... Read More

Kitchen Pantry Storage Ideas

There is something inherently gratifying about a well-stocked pantry, and keeping it organized is key. Whether you have an allocated pantry in your home, or if you are trying to carve-out a pantry-space in a small or crowded kitchen, there ... Read More

Make Life Easier by Making After Dinner Cleanup a Breeze

People who want to create a restaurant experience at home usually stop at the food part. It can certainly be great fun to throw together an elegant meal for a special occasion that contains exotic ingredients and then make it ... Read More

How Long Will Onions Last in the Refrigerator? Which Vegetables Stay Fresh for a Long Time?

Even though your refrigerator and freezer allow you to keep leftovers relatively fresh and safe to eat, there is a limit to how long your vegetables can be stored. And yet, not many people really take this into account. They ... Read More

Does it Matter What Type of Laundry Detergent You Use in Your Washing Machine?

When you shop for laundry detergent, you might wonder if there's a big difference between different detergent types. Actually, depending on how you do laundry and what kind of stains and dirt you have, there is somewhat of a difference. ... Read More

How to Create a More Efficient and Productive Kitchen

A kitchen remodel can range from simply making space for new appliances to a full renovation that calls for new cabinets and countertops. While you should take some time to make sure that your newly renovated kitchen is visually appealing, ... Read More

How Often Should You Change the Water Filter in the Refrigerator

There are different types of refrigerators, the most common these days are refrigerators with water filtration systems. If you own this type of fridge with a water filter, it is important that you know about the mechanism of the water ... Read More

Tips to Find the Best Washer Dryer Laundry Pair for You

Since you're unlikely to find a washer and dryer combo unit in most American homes, you're probably going to have to mix and match when shopping for a washing machine and a clothes dryer. Here are a few tips that ... Read More

Tips to Remove Odors from Your Refrigerator

Even though a refrigerator can keep food safe to eat for at least a few days, it's easy to forget what kind of food you have. After a few weeks, you might open the refrigerator door only to be assaulted ... Read More

Must-Have Refrigerator Features

Today's refrigerator appliances have evolved as integral to convenient, healthy living. Researching must-have refrigerator features and other considerations in smart refrigeration is as important as visiting appliance stores in person. Prior to purchasing at a home appliance store, consumers should ... Read More

How Do Humidity Drawers in Refrigerators Work?

The price of produce has risen extensively in the last several years. This situation makes proper preservation of your produce paramount, and this can be accomplished with a proper humidity drawer. What is a humidity drawer? What does it do ... Read More

Need help with the laundry? Teach your kids to help!

Why We All Hate LaundryIf you're like most moms these days, laundry is a never-ending, smoking, freight train. Piles of both folded and unfolded, clean laundry lie in extra rooms and bedroom corners, and dirty laundry bags seem like bottomless ... Read More

How to get ChapStick® out of clothes

Imagine pulling your fresh and fluffy laundry from your clothes dryer only to find that it is riddled with stains from a stray lip balm. ChapStick®, lip balms, and lip sticks can wreak havoc with your laundry, when these get ... Read More

Why you should really clean your household appliances

Why Should You Clean Your Household Appliances?The cleanliness of your home and kitchen is important to your overall well being. With the amount of time we spend in our homes, there exists an obvious need to keep our appliances clean ... Read More

How to get ink out of a dryer

Ink stains in the dryer can spell trouble for each and every load of wash that you do. Get rid of these problematic spots with a few tricks and tips that will remove the ink and eliminate the chance of ... Read More

Cooking pans that you actually need

Everyone dreams of having a fully-stocked kitchen that can handle any type of meal. But if you can't afford that, you can make do if you only have the following four cooking pans. These are almost as important as any ... Read More

Save money and control static with wool dryer balls

Wool dryer balls are fast-becoming a popular item online and in some shops and retailers. These laundry essentials are found at a wide price-point, but are simple to make on your own. Consider making these easy balls for gifts to ... Read More

Who invented the dishwasher?

And how has it changed our world?The earliest known dishwasher was developed 160 years ago. It created a revolution, which brought forth new sleek digital dishwashers we see today. Today's dishwasher has impressive functionality - it's streamlined and has sleek ... Read More

How much water does an automatic dishwasher use?

 When your hands are at war with plates of crusty, baked-on lasagna, it's hard to realize just how much water is running down the drain. Between rinses, scrubs, and distractions, washing dishes by hand can use 27 gallons of water ... Read More

How to clean a front load washing machine

Front load washing machines have been designed in a way that the doors are watertight and airtight. Additionally, they have a seal with a rubber gasket. The rubber traps moisture and provides a perfect environment for mold growth and unpleasant ... Read More

Dishwasher cleaning tips

While dishwashers are great for cleaning and sanitizing your dishes, the kitchen appliance itself needs to be cleaned every so often. Dirty dishes may expose your dishwasher to grease, food debris and soap scum that tends to accumulate inside the ... Read More

What are the benefits of a bottom mount refrigerator?

Bottom mount refrigerators have recently become very popular, as opposed to the more traditional top-mounted units featuring a freezer on top and cool space below, or French door side-by-side freezer and cool space areas. When you visit an appliance store ... Read More

Everything you need to know before buying a wine refrigerator

Wine sales are currently sky rocketing, and where and how we choose to consume wine is changing. Many people prefer to drink their wine at home rather than at the bar/restaurant. Moreover, the consumption of wine has turned into a ... Read More

Fulfill your cooking and baking needs with these essential kitchen tools

From cooking websites, cooking shows and kitchen stores all raving about must-have kitchen items that will make your cooking experience easier, it has become difficult to separate essential tools from the not so useful items. Some items are however definite ... Read More

How much water is your washing machine using?

Consumers used to worry about their washers using too much water. Now they seem more concerned about their washing machines not using enough. While each brand will vary, most modern washers are built to maximize the wash using as little ... Read More

Oven, stove, range…what’s the difference?

There is a lot of confusion surrounding the above kitchen appliances as many people often refer to a stove as an oven. An oven is a chamber for cooking without external burners, a stove is a cooking appliance without an ... Read More

Proper loading of your washing machine makes a difference

If you want your washer to do its job, make sure that you are loading it properly. Clothes will get cleaner and you will save energy if you use your machine according to the manufacturer's recommendations, which will keep the ... Read More

Not a chef? Not a problem!

Fix cooking mistakes with these tips. Boiling water is pretty much the easiest kitchen task out there. But it isn't necessarily super simple all the time, especially when you're trying to boil the right amount of water for pasta on your ... Read More

Organize your fridge like a pro!

If you've recently cleaned out your refrigerator, then congratulations! You've just completed one of the most tedious and disgusting chores you will probably need to do. Here are a few ways you can organize your fridge to make the next ... Read More

Filtering laundry lint

One of the biggest problems that you will have with your laundry appliances is filtering out laundry lint, especially if you have a septic system instead of a public sewer connection.  Even though your washer and dryer have ways of ... Read More

Enjoy fresh, soft towels with these tips

Do your towels need a refresh? Here are some suggestions.There are few things better than drying yourself off with a fresh, fluffy towel after a hot shower. The problem is that towels rarely stay fluffy for long. After a handful ... Read More

The latest kitchen appliance trends…

...that will make your kitchen the talk of the town!If you want to have a modern kitchen that meets all of your needs, you will need a variety of cutting edge appliances. Some of the appliance features in today's kitchens ... Read More

Kitchen trends that you need to know about!

The kitchen is sometimes described as the heart of a home, and sometimes you just need something that'll make it beat a little faster.An Efficient KitchenFor someone who loves to create delicious culinary concoctions, you want to have the most ... Read More

Tricks to make cleaning your cook top a breeze

Over time, cook tops can build up quite a bit of gunk and grime. But cleaning them doesn't have to be a daunting task. Read on to learn some tips that make cleaning both gas and electric cook tops easier.Use ... Read More

Things you can put in a dishwasher that aren’t dishes

Dishwashers are amazing time savers. There's nothing quite like clearing a huge pile of dishes after friends come to visit and having a machine do the cleaning for you while you go back to watching TV. It's also nice to ... Read More

Spruce up your laundry room with these tips

Your laundry room may be the most functional room in your house, but that doesn't mean it has to look boring. You can have a color, pattern, and design scheme here just like any other room in your home. To ... Read More

Keep Laundry Organized & Efficient with These Tips

Washing and drying laundry is an ever-present task that never goes away. For this reason, it makes sense to streamline the process as much as possible through the use of updated technology and efficient routines. Here are some tips to ... Read More

Make laundry sorting easier with these tips

Most people have had the experience of removing their laundry from the washer or dryer to see red clothes that were formerly white or a sweater that looks two sizes smaller. This happens when you don't sort the laundry and ... Read More

Organize your refrigerator the right way

Have you ever opened your refrigerator so stuffed with food and containers that you’re afraid everything will avalanche out? Sometimes, it’s just easier to leave the mess alone than to go through all of your expired food. But it doesn't ... Read More

Cut energy costs with these laundry tips

The best way to save on your laundry costs is to avoid doing it completely, right?Many a busy parent has had this thought when considering how to tackle that big mound of dirty clothes. But as much fun as this ... Read More

Choosing the perfect range for your kitchen

Are you in search of a new kitchen range? With the variety of options nowadays, you'll want to know what's right for you. Check out these four steps to choosing the perfect kitchen range.Step 1. Choose a range based on ... Read More

Things to consider when placing your laundry set

Make sure that you plan and position your washer and dryer placement with some thought. Positioning the set in the wrong spot could interfere with your daily routine, cause inconvenience, and become a headache fast.Some things to keep in mind ... Read More

What you should know about lint traps

You probably know the importance of clearing the lint trap in your dryer, but if you have a lint trap on your washer, do you maintain it? The lint that comes from your laundry during washing can clog up your ... Read More

How to sort laundry for efficient washing

To keep colors true and get whites truly bright, you need to sort your laundry correctly. It's an extra step, but one that saves your clothes. It's worth the effort.What's the Point?Sorting your clothes by color, fabric and heavy dirt ... Read More

What to look for in a top load washer

As its name implies, a top load washer is one where you load clothes from the top rather than the front. Before you bring a new washer home, it's important to check to make sure you have the right washer ... Read More

The best ways to clean small appliances

Small appliances such as coffee makers, blenders, and juicers are great labor-saving devices. Unfortunately, they can collect dirt and grime quickly due to their small size, curves, and moving parts. By cleaning up splatter and other messes on your small ... Read More

What to look for in a front load washer

Before you go out and buy a new front-loading washer, make sure that you buy the one that will best suit your home and life.Some things to look for in your new washer are:The Measurements Typically a front load washer ... Read More

Are you overloading your dryer?

Tempted to shove just a few more clothes into the dryer?  Don't!  You'll waste energy and your clothes will take much longer to dry.  And that's just the beginning of the issues you will have.Here is a look at why ... Read More

Top vs front-loading washing machines: what’s the difference?

Washing machines just might be the biggest labor-saving device of the last century. The fact that you need one goes without saying, but which type should you purchase? You can choose a model where you load your clothes through a ... Read More

Clean your dryer lint filter and save money

The lint filter in your dryer is easy to overlook. And that's too bad because cleaning it regularly can save you money and time.The Benefits of a Clean Lint Filter A clean filter helps you in four ways. Here is ... Read More

Find the right refrigerator style for your home

When you're ready to start shopping for a new refrigerator, it's easy to be overwhelmed by the sheer number of models now available, and you might have trouble getting started with your search. Here are a few key points to ... Read More

Preparing Your Appliances for the Holidays

Be prepared--ahead of time. A party host's worst nightmare.  Envision this: it's your favorite holiday of the year.  You have a large gathering coming later in the day; you're in the midst of massive preparations in the kitchen discover that ... Read More

July is Electrolux Month

Receive up to $100 Electrolux Dishwasher installation rebate with purchase of select Electrolux dishwashers.June 21 - July 15, 2015CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS Receive up to $300 Electrolux Laundry Pair RebateCLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILSIt’s Grilling Season! FREE DELIVERYON ... Read More

June is KitchenAid Month

Receive 12 months special financing* with the purchase of select KitchenAid appliances!Why purchase your next appliance from a big chain store? Brubaker Inc. has a better selection from the same brands, with a knowledgeable sales team that will exceed your ... Read More

May is Maytag Month

This month, we have deals on all the Maytag brand appliances your family needs.Laundry pairs to handle your largest loads and knock out tough stains.Refrigerators that are better built to hold the cold.Dishwashers with the most powerful motor on the ... Read More

The Party’s tonight and I ran out of room in my refrigerator!

Tips and ideas for where to go with the extra drinks. Okay, so tonight is the big celebration.  You've got a crowd of people coming over for the festivities and no where near enough room for the refreshments.  If you live ... Read More

Can Your Refrigerator Make You Sick?

Some tips for keeping your refrigerator clean. Hands down, we have the safest food supply in the world. And we have some of the strictest standards for food safety also. So why, then is there each year an estimated 76 million Americans ... Read More

May is National Barbecue Month!

Global Warming?  Climate Change? Really?  Ask our friends in our Nation’s midsection, from Oklahoma and Arkansas north all the way to the Dakotas, Minnesota, and Wisconsin.  They might beg to differ.  Here in our neck of the woods it has finally felt ... Read More

Refrigerator/Freezer Care & Maintenance Tips

Proper care and maintenance of your freezer will not only improve efficiency and performance, but will save energy dollars, and help your food contents to last longer. Location of Your Appliance Placing your refrigerator and/or freezer directly near a heat source, outside ... Read More

When Lightning Strikes

By LISA SANDHAUS, Staff Writer and Editorial Associate, Hempfield Suburban News – September/October 2012 Edition   "This is probably the last time I will ever see these walls painted." That is what I. Wayne Brubaker said about seven years ago when the interior ... Read More

Over 250 Attend Our Private Pre-Opening Event

Private fete held for employees, vendors, and key customers in advance of public ribbon cutting ceremony.   On Friday evening, July 20th, Brubaker Inc.'s employees, vendors, close friends, and key customers had an opportunity to see the newly rebuilt Kitchen, Bath, and ... Read More

Our “Thank-You Cookout” Was A Huge Success

Tonight, as a way of saying "Thank You" to our First Responders and Re-construction team, we invited them all over for a burger and hotdog cookout!  We enjoyed fresh hamburgers and hotdogs grilled by some of   our employees.  There ... Read More

Brubaker Inc. showroom will cook

See what's in store. (Compliments of Lancaster Intelligencer Journal - Lancaster New Era)  

Brubaker Inc. Opens Rebuilt Showroom

From the Hempfield-Mountville Merchandiser, July 18, 2012   After a year of anticipation, the new Brubaker Inc. Appliance and Remodeling Showroom will be opened to the public.  With a grand opening and ribbon-cutting ceremony slated for Saturday July 21, at 11 a.m., ... Read More

We’re moving!

This weekend is our big move! Friday July 13th at noon we will be closing our Appliance Showroom and will reopen on Monday July 16th at 9am.  Friday afternoon and Saturday will be spent moving everything into our renovated Appliance Showroom ... Read More

Protecting Your Floor When You Need To Move That Appliance

Recently we received this message from a customer of ours:   We had new vinyl flooring installed in our kitchen and laundry rooms. Our washer and refrigerator severely damaged the vinyl (tore it up quite nicely!) when these were moved to clean ... Read More

How To Maintain Your Refrigerator

One of the larger investments inside your home is your refrigerator. Simple maintenance and cleaning procedures can greatly extend the life and efficiency of it. Here are some pointers to keep your fridge running well now and for years to ... Read More