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Protect your home and family—every day, whether you are home or away.

Home, family, assets—the things that matter most—remain protected during a power outage with the installation of a Honeywell or Generac standby generator. It’s the reliable answer that ensures necessities, conveniences and amenities are always available, automatically backed up when the power goes out.

24-hour emergency Club member services and next-day services are available. Call us any time, day or night, and schedule your appointment: 717.299.5641.

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See our information on Generac generators (pdf)

Generac has a broad selection of home standby generators in natural gas or LP; air cooled or liquid cooled engines.

If you want both power security and the ultimate in connectivity, then Honeywell is for you.  At Brubaker Inc. we stand ready to work with you to create your optimal power management system with a Honeywell generator and Mobile LinkTM system!

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See our information on Honeywell generators (pdf)

With Honeywell, not only will you have peace of mind and security, you will be able to monitor your system from anywhere through your smartphone with Mobile LinkTM!  Available in Natural Gas, Propane, air-cooled and select models of liquid-cooled engines, let Brubaker Inc. help you find the Honeywell system that best suits your needs!

Now is the time to consider giving yourself some added security and independence with an automatic standby generator.

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