COVID 19 Information

COVID-19 Update

Protecting against the coronavirus

Our Team at Brubaker Inc. is taking the COVID-19 outbreak very seriously.  It would be unsettling to have a stranger enter your home without you being confident of their being healthy.  You would want to be assured that they are taking appropriate precautions.

We want our customers to know that the health and safety of our employees and customers is our #1 priority. We are closely following the recommendations and updates of the CDC daily.

People are our priority

As the situation concerning the COVID-19 (coronavirus) continues to develop, we at Brubaker Inc. felt it was important to communicate to you what we are doing.  We have already implemented preventative steps company-wide to address the concerns and minimize the spread of this virus. Our first priority is always to protect the safety and well-being of our employees and customers. It is with this in mind that we take this matter seriously.  We strive to remain well informed of the latest in developments. Informed decisions based on proper information allows us to take appropriate and preventative measures without panic or fear.

What we are doing

All of our employees have been asked to contact their supervisor immediately if they are not feeling well. It will then be determined if they should come to work or not, based on symptoms and other factors. We will not have any employees who are ill to come to work during this time. Our service technicians will be wearing gloves which will be disposed of at the conclusion of the service visit.  They will also have masks.  We have also implemented disinfecting protocols for both our field technicians and all other employees.

At this time there are no changes to our current operations as we believe that our services are being conducted in an appropriately safe and preventative manner. We will continue to monitor this situation as it develops and take appropriate actions and modifications to our protocols as circumstances warrant.

As always, our commitment is to our employees and customers. This unwavering commitment will guide our decisions as we monitor this situation going forward.

The Latest Information

For current information regarding human coronavirus, please see the following from the US Centers for Disease Control:

Also see from the PA Department of Health: