Water Softeners

Your tap water may be causing you frustration — and you might not even know it!

Many homeowners in our region of Pennsylvania have hard water but are unaware of it. Often you can’t taste, smell, or feel the “hardness” of your water — but you can see the effects of hard water. Do any of these sound familiar?

Map of water hardness in Pennsylvania

  • Your hair often feels dry, brittle, and almost sticky.
  • Your silverware comes out of the dishwasher with spots and streaks.
  • A ring of grime forms around your toilets and your bathtub.
  • Your clothes never get quite as clean as you expect them to be.

These are all common signs that your home has hard water. It doesn’t take much for water to be “hard” — just two nickels’ worth of calcium carbonate dissolved in a washing machine full of water.

Brubaker Inc.’s service technicians can restore your home’s water with no stress for you

At Brubaker Inc., we make it easy for you to resolve the hard-water issues in your home, once and for all. The first step is simply to contact us using the form on this page or by phone at 717.299.5641 and request an appointment to have your water tested. Here’s what will happen then:

  1. A Brubaker Inc. plumber will test your tap water on the spot for water hardness and review the results with you.
  2. Brubaker Inc. will prepare and provide you with a no-obligation quote (or quotes) for our recommended water softening solution.
  3. We will schedule an appointment with you to install the recommended water softening equipment for you.

Brubaker Inc. has been advancing water softener systems for 60 years

The reason we can make the installation of a water softener system so stress-free for you is that, quite simply, we have a lot of practice.

In the late 1950s and into the early 1960s an employee of Wayne Brubaker, our company’s founder, was looking at the water softening market of the era and noticed that locally in the Lancaster area there were only about two or three players in the market. They all offered packaged steel water softener units for the home, to be swapped out by them on a routine schedule as they needed regeneration. Brubaker Inc. (back at that time known as Brubaker Plumbing & Heating) had a water softener system also, similar to what the others sold. This employee thought, why not develop our own automatic water softener package that we would install in the home as a permanent fixture for the customer? The homeowner could then pick and choose whom to purchase salt from and when to replace the salt — at his or her convenience, instead of having to coordinate delivery and replacement.

Most significantly, he shopped around for tanks and components that wouldn’t rust. With the advent and growth of the plastics industry at the time, he soon found what he needed in the way of plastic, nylon, and fiberglass components to build our own modular, self-contained water softener package.

No more rust. No more leaks. No more mess all over the basement or garage. No more complete dependence on a single contractor. That is how the Brusoft Water Softener came to be.

Brusoft water softener sign, 1964

The original Brusoft Water Softeners sign, as seen in 1964

Today, the rest of the industry has followed the lead of our enterprising and creative employee who had the foresight and inspiration to figure out how to build a better water softener system almost 60 years ago.

In those 60 years, it’s safe to say we have perfected the Brusoft Water Softener and the installation process. To you and your family, a water softener will be a revelation. To us, it’s a product and a service we provide every day.

Tap water in a drinking glass

Imagine your family’s life with better water

Imagine the benefits of a whole-home water softener installed by Brubaker Inc.

  • The right water softener will leave your clothes cleaner after washing and will provide you with a bath or shower that you never dreamed could be so refreshing and stimulating.
  • A water softener will leave your shampooed hair feeling softer.  No more bad hair days because of your shower. 
  • A water softener will leave your skin feeling softer.
  • A water softener will reduce or eliminate spotting on your silverware and glasses.
  • A water softener will make increase the life of your coffeemaker.
  • A water softener will help extend the life of all of your appliances that use water,   and especially if they have a heating element or mechanism in them.
  • A water softener will help you save money on cleaning supplies.
  • A water softener will help reduce your manual cleaning time.

Every day, we make it easy for homeowners like you to get all these benefits. Just start out with a no-obligation appointment to have us test your water hardness level.

If our technician identifies that you would benefit from a water softener system, we’ll provide you with the options and straightforward pricing. We guarantee our workmanship, and our equipment is built to last for decades.

Schedule an appointment today

Find out for sure the condition of your water and discover how easy it can be to improve it. 

Give us a call at 717.299.5641 or complete the form on this page to request an appointment to have a Brubaker Inc. technician come to your home to test for hard water.