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Electrical Service Exceeding Expectations – With Straightforward Pricing

Brubaker Inc. is your local, trusted home services provider for over 70 years. When you need electricians in Lancaster, PA and nearby areas, you can trust us for Service Exceeding Expectations (you’ll SEE!) with straightforward pricing. Call us today for electrical service in Lancaster County and near you.

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Call us right away if…

You see sparks, hear a pop or buzzing, or smell something hot from an electrical source in your home and don’t know why.

Tripped circuit breaker

A circuit breaker in your home’s electrical panel stays tripped when you try to reset it.

Detached residential power line

Your electrical power line has been detached from your home’s exterior or has otherwise been damaged in a storm (call PPL first).

No power in part of home

You don’t have power in one part of your home, and you don’t know why.


24-hour emergency service and next-day service available.Call us any time, day or night at 717.299.5641

Straightforward pricing for electrical service

Straightforward pricing from Brubaker Inc. means you’ll never be surprised by your bill for electrical service.

When one of our electricians visits your home, he will review the details of the project with you and provide you with a quote – an actual price for the work. If you agree, we’ll do it. If you choose to decline, no problem! We will simply invoice you for the service call and diagnosis at the competitive rate our customer service representative will quote you when you schedule your appointment.

Fully Qualified and Insured

All Brubaker Inc. electricians hold an electrician’s Journeyman’s Card from Associated Builders and Contractors, the highest formal credential available for electricians in Lancaster County. Their classroom training and on-the-job experience now far exceed the licensing requirements. All our electricians participate in structured continuing education throughout each year.

Brubaker Inc. is a registered Pennsylvania home improvement contractor (license #4191) and holds property and workers compensation insurance at levels appropriate not merely for residential work but for commercial and industrial projects. Brubaker Inc. is a member of the Lancaster County Code Association,the ABC Keystone Chapter, the U.S. Green Building Council,the Green Building Association of Central PA,and The Lancaster Chamber of Commerce & Industry.


Our Work Comes With a Warranty

Any time Brubaker Inc. electricians perform work on your home, all materials we provide, along with all work we perform, is covered by a 2-year warranty. That means that if anything doesn’t work as intended, we will repair or replace it promptly, at no cost to you.

We extend our 2-year warranty into a 3-year warranty for two of our popular services:

  • When we upgrade your home’s service (i.e., from 100 amps to 200 amps)
  • When we replace your home’s circuit breaker panel

Because Brubaker Inc. has been in business for over 70 years and running strong, you’ll know we will be here to honor our warranties.

Warranty on residential electrical services

Our electricians work around your schedule.

If your appointment is first thing in the morning, we will call you the day before to confirm the time of our arrival. If you appointment is later in the day, we will call you as your electrician is wrapping up his prior appointment. We never make you wait around.

When you need help right away, Brubaker Inc. will be there. When you prefer to schedule days or weeks in advance, we make sure we’re there when it works best for you.

Work that shouldn’t wait

Owning a home means having two lists — a list of things you’d like to do with your home some day, and a list of maintenance and fixes that should be performed as soon as possible. Here’s our top list of electrical issues that shouldn’t wait.

  • A circuit breaker trips often – It’s a sign that you have too much on one circuit. We can break up the circuit differently or run a new one based on your situation.
  • Too many extension cords – Extension cords and power strips can be dangerous. We can install additional electrical receptacles where you need them.
  • Lots of valuable electronics – The best way to protect your computers, TVs, and other electronic devices is with a whole-house surge protector.
  • Not enough outdoor lighting – We install outdoor lighting fixtures, including ones with motion detectors and timers. They’re a great way to dress up your property while also dramatically increasing your security.
  • Knob-and-tube wiring – Older homes were first wired with a method called knob and tube. If you’re just moving into a home or looking to sell, it’s a great time to rewire your home to bring it up to current safety standards.

Brubaker Inc. is a full-service electrical service contractor

Our experienced electrical crew can do it all! We have the knowledge, tools, and equipment — even our own bucket truck.

Aesthetic upgrades and fixes

  • A/V power and wiring (behind TV, built-in speakers, etc.)
  • Add a light fixture where there isn’t one
  • Replace an old light fixture
  • Install dimmer switch
  • Replace burnt-out bulbs in hard-to-reach locations
  • Install outdoor lighting

Comfort upgrades and fixes

  • Install a ceiling fan
  • Install or replace baseboard (electric) heaters
  • Power to new central A/C unit

Add value to your home

  • Electrical safety inspection
  • Complete items on a home inspector’s checklist
  • Upgrade service from 100 amp to 200 amp


  • Install wifi cameras
  • Run cat-5 (ethernet) wires
  • Install intercom system
Add something new!
  • Power to garage or shed
  • Power to new pool or hot tub
  • Power to new washing machine + dryer
  • Convert basement or attic
  • Wire renovated/remodeled room (esp. bathroom or kitchen)

Service upgrades and panel replacements

We update dangerous old electrical panels and also give you more room for more circuits, including by upgrading your home from 100 amp service to 200 amp.

When you have circuit breakers tripping too often or want to add more electrical outlets to your home, if you’re out of space in your electrical panel, you’re out of luck… until you upgrade. Many of today’s homes have electricial needs that exceed their original 100 amp service. And many others have old, dangerous circuit breaker panels that should be replaced for safety reasons.

We make it easy to find out if upgrading your service or replacing your panel is right for you. Give us a call, and if you do need it, we’ll give you a total quote for the project. No pressure and no obligation.


Certified generator installation

Our electricians are factory-certified to install Generac and Honeywell generators. Many municipalities require not only building permits, but also zoning permits for these installations, and we take care of it all.

Never go without power again. These home backup generators run on natural gas or LP from your existing service. Lots of fly-by-night and single-man operations say they can install generators, but we have repaired enough of their work to know it isn’t true. Only rely on an experienced company like Brubaker Inc. that is certified by the manufacturer to complete the installation correctly and in keeping with the requirements of the manufacturer warranties.


DIY electrical work can be dangerous!

If you’re considering trying it yourself, get a quote from us first. You might be surprised how affordable it is to have it done right by a professional.You’ll rest easy knowing everything has been completed up to code, and your family is safe.For complete peace of mind, ask us about our low-cost whole-home electrical safety inspection.

Homeowner performing dangerous DIY electrical work

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