What are you doing to promote optimal health for yourself?

Dr. Parker

Dr. David Parker

Ah, it’s that time of year again.  The days are short, and while they aren’t so cold yet in our area, that isn’t dampening the Holiday Spirit.  Time to gather loved ones, and, given the tragic events of late in Connecticut, a lot of us might be a little more mindful of embracing our family members, especially our children right now.

Not only are we gathering with family and friends, we are in the midst of a seemingly endless holiday season.  Just a little over six short weeks ago, we celebrated Halloween.  Then not quite four weeks ago it was Thanksgiving.  And now we are days away from the most important celebration of all for many of us, Christmas.  Then it’s New Year’s Eve celebrations, college football bowl games and national championship, and pro football playoffs, culminating with the Super Bowl in early February.

What does all of this seem to have in common?  An unending opportunity for plenty of food and minimal incentive for many of us to eat properly, to eat in moderation, and to exercise.

Brubaker Inc. conducts monthly safety meetings for all field and most office employees, culminating in our annual December meeting with Dr. David Parker of Family Tree Chiropractic.  Dr. Parker is well known to many of us at Brubaker Inc. as he has been a December guest speaker for us for many years now.

Departmental Safety meeting

Dr. Parker speaking in one of Brubaker Inc.’s December Departmental Safety meetings

This year he presented a topic that we thought appropriate to share, even if it has nothing to do with the appliance, remodeling, plumbing, heating and air conditioning, or electrical services that we offer to our customers.  It is titled BESLIM: Six Components for Achieving Optimal Health.

The six components of BESLIM:

Breakfast every day: High-quality fuel, such as eggs and oatmeal, for example, are essential to start your day off right.

Exercise: Regular exercise (at least 20 minutes a day) increases metabolism and provides strength, flexibility, and mental clarity.

Support: Set goals and have someone help you to be accountable.

Low-fat meals: Eat 6 to 7 times a day.  “Grazing” or eating frequently and controlling portion sizes and total calories, especially those from fat, are critical for your success in this endeavor.

Individual plan: Create an individual plan for yourself for achieving optimal health and for building skills and strategies to better cope with everyday life and events.

Monitor: Weighing yourself at least weekly helps you maintain your optimal weight and catch any weight that you might regain before it becomes a challenge to you.

It is recognized that typically when the above is followed we are less likely to have spikes and valleys in our blood sugar and insulin levels, thereby minimizing fatigue and the risks of physical injury or mental lapses that can lead to errors or accidents, depending on your activity.  We also can better control our weight and hunger.

By engaging in as few as just one of the six steps above we can have a positive impact on our health and mental/emotional well-being.

To learn more, see Dr. Parker’s Take Shape for Life website.


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