Trends for 2018

When we get later into the winter thoughts naturally turn to sprucing up your home for all of the warm weather entertaining to come. This is a great time to remodel your kitchen, bath or laundry room to include the trends we’re seeing in the design industry.

Mixed textures will continue to be huge through 2018. Incorporating wood, metal and glass finishes in your room provides not only different tactile surfaces but also visual variety in the way surfaces reflect light. Leather shelves and even leather inserts in door and island panels embellish cabinets in a way previously undiscovered.

In the same vein as mixed textures is mixed sheens. A new trend in cabinetry and fixtures is to mix glossy and matte finishes. Perimeter cabinetry in a kitchen may be in a 45 sheen (a glossier finish) while island cabinets are in a 20 sheen (more matte finish.) Counters in the same room may be a mix of polished and honed or even leathered finishes. This idea of mixed sheens complements the continuing trend of mixed metal finishes in the same room. The new rule is less matching, more variation!

There has been a large push in recent years for open floor plans in homes. We’re finding, however, that once people live in the space they find it a bit awkward for everyday living since the large spaces can be loud, lack privacy and be difficult to organize into user-friendly areas. We’re seeing more homeowners want to keep the open feel of the home but find ways to separate areas for assigned use as well as include fixtures that will help deaden noise. Dedicated space for baking, coffee bars and wine areas are being incorporated in kitchens and transition areas between the kitchen and living areas. Wood tops and luxury vinyl tile flooring help to absorb the sound between areas.

Overall in cabinetry we’re seeing a push towards darker interiors that differ from the exterior cabinet color, metal framed cabinet doors, frameless cabinets and cabinet doors that slide or lift up.

And of course, technology integration is huge. Whether it’s automated control of lighting, appliances, or room temperature, there are apps that can do just about anything in your home and we’re hearing more requests to include Smart design in the home.

2018 promises to continue bringing exciting design in kitchens and baths as the opportunities for creativity are limited only by the imagination. Consult with a Designer | Project Manager at Brubaker Inc. today for assistance in creating the home of your dreams!