Seasonal Tips for Winter

Do you have trouble with pipes freezing? Turn a faucet on to a slow trickle on an especially cold night to aid in keeping it from freezing solid. If you anticipate freezing problems or you have time in advance, try to get insulation between the pipe and the outside to help keep the pipe in the “heat envelope” of your home.

If you have a frozen pipe, contact us at 717.299.5641 or email us to schedule a service call.


Heating and Cooling
If you have an oil fill and vent pipe to a heating fuel tank, or exhaust vents and condensate pipes for a gas furnace, be sure that they are clear of leaves, snow, and ice. This way they will perform properly or they can be accessed when needed. If you have high/low return grilles on your heating or air conditioning system (i.e., wall vents located one straight above the other– one near the ceiling and one near the floor), be sure to open the bottom one and close the top one for the heating season.

You want to be sure to have your heating system checked before it turns cold outside!  Contact us at 717.299.5641 or email us to schedule a service call.  We will inspect your system and do a cleaning and service check for you.


If you have outside items such as bird bath heaters, Christmas lights, etc., and they are not working, check the reset button if you have a GFCI or “ground fault” receptacle that you are plugging into. It may be tripped and needs to be reset.

 If you suspect that you still have problems with the electric circuit or any other electrical concerns, contact us at 717.299.5641 or email us.  .


Do you have a ceiling fan? If so, switch the direction it turns to maximize heating efficiency. In a room of typical height (8’to 10′ high) it should turn clockwise as you look at it from underneath. This will redirect the warmer air near the ceiling down the walls and into the living space where the people are. Run the fan at a low speed so that the air doesn’t have a chilling effect on your skin. If you have a higher ceiling, you may wish to increase the fan speed so long as it does not create an undesirable downdraft on people.

If you would like to consider adding a ceiling fan to a room, contact us at 717.299.5641 or email us. We can prepare an estimate for you to add one.