The Party’s tonight and I ran out of room in my refrigerator!

Tips and ideas for where to go with the extra drinks.

Okay, so tonight is the big celebration.  You’ve got a crowd of people coming over for the festivities and no where near enough room for the refreshments.  If you live in a colder climate, no big deal, put the drinks outside.  But what if you don’t?  And for many of us even in the north, the winter so far has been rather mild.

Especially around the holidays, available refrigerator space for chilling beverages before a party is often hard to come by.  When faced with this problem, did you ever think about turning your washing machine into an icebox?  Fill the washer with ice, then put your beverage cans and bottles in.  When it is time for cold drinks, they’re ready to go.  After the party has ended and the ice has melted, run the spin cycle to drain the water.

How about some other ideas?  Take a look at some of these ingenious ways to chill your refreshments!





No fridge space left before the party – how about this spot to chill your drinks?






Looks like a pretty good idea to us.






Out of fridge space before a party?  A surprising spot to chill your drinks  Some say it even works in a front load washer!








 Really?  While it certainly is functional we would not recommend it.








While this is maybe a little better than the previous one, we’d rather not. However, our friends at Uncle Billy Bob’s Redneck Trailers Vacation Rentals in Garden Valley, ID have no qualms with the idea.





Here’s one of a whole bunch of ideas from Bob Vila.







And here’s an interesting one if you have time to plan ahead and a desire to re-purpose something that is unique and different.  Thanks to our friend Miss Information.