Protecting Your Floor When You Need To Move That Appliance

Recently we received this message from a customer of ours:


We had new vinyl flooring installed in our kitchen and laundry rooms. Our washer and refrigerator severely damaged the vinyl (tore it up quite nicely!) when these were moved to clean under and behind them. What can we buy to move these things to prevent this from recurring? We need to know BEFORE we have the vinyl reinstalled.


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Image compliments of Mannington Corp.

A very good question indeed.  Who hasn’t, at one time or another, decided it was time to do a housecleaning under and behind the refrigerator, stove, or laundry appliance?  Once you overcame your fear of the realization that all kinds of flotsam would be found hiding under those appliances, you probably forgot about one important element — until you saw the damage left in your vinyl floor from sliding and dragging your appliances.

Your gearing up to do battle with the dust bunnies and other undesirable objects in hiding left you forgetting about protecting your floor.

To save your floor next time, we would suggest having strips of sheet metal cut to about 3-4″ wide by at least twice the depth of your appliance—so that the feet are resting on the sheet metal. One strip for each side of the washer, dryer, refrigerator, etc.

So, if your appliance is 27″ deep from front to back, cut the strips to at least twice that length plus a couple more inches, if possible.

Place one strip under each side of the appliance by sliding it under the appliance. Then lift the appliance just enough to slide the strips under the feet on the left and right side.

Now slide your appliance forward; you can slide it out as far as the strips of sheet metal are long and save your floor from gouges.

When finished, repeat the process in reverse, sliding your appliance back in its place and pull the strips of sheet metal out.

In so doing the above, you will protect your floor and not incur the undesirable expense of replacing it along with eliminating all of the crud and forgotten treasures that collected behind those appliances.