Could This Happen To You?

Be sure to check your home heating system and that you have working CO detectors.

It’s that time of year again.  An article in the Intelligencer Journal/Lancaster New Era (11/20/12) reported a situation that could have ended tragically. A family’s heating system was not working properly.  The carbon monoxide level in the home had reached a deadly level; fortunately the call was made to emergency personnel during the day and the situation was alleviated.  If this had occurred at night, the ending may have been much worse.  Heating systems and all fuel-fired appliances should be checked annually by licensed professionals to make sure they’re working properly.  Mortar and debris can block a chimney, or improper draft due to leaks in the chimney can create a hazardous buildup of poisonous gases.  In addition, portable kerosene heaters can create a hazard because they remove oxygen from the air and can contribute to the buildup of combustion gas that is not properly vented from the house.


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If you do not currently have a carbon monoxide detector, one should be installed outside all sleeping areas.  It’s a small price to pay to ensure your family’s safety.

If you have a detector and the alarm goes off, evacuate the house immediately, do not ventilate before the fire department arrives. They will measure the CO levels.


Have Brubaker Inc. install carbon monoxide detectors for your family’s safety and peace-of-mind.  Contact us at 717.299.5641 or email us.