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We all know what vinegar is, right?  It’s used mainly for cooking.

Not necessarily.  From 5000 years ago until the mid-1900’s it was also used as a mild cleaning agent.

cleaning stainless steel with vinegar

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Now, in recent years, there has been a return to white vinegar as a safe, readily available natural cleaning agent.

Our cleaning appliances, such as laundry washers and dishwashers can get film laden or become musty-smelling over time.  The solution?  White vinegar.  Michelle Manetti of the Huffington Post in her article tells us how.

Your washer and dishwasher aren’t the only appliances that might benefit from a cycle laced with vinegar.  You can also clean your coffee pot, refrigerator, and microwave oven, among other items, with vinegar too.

Inexpensive, plentiful, and natural; vinegar is an economical, chemical-free, environmentally friendly way to keep your household clean.


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