What’s the best way to make a wooden cabinet? Whittle by whittle.

Posted by Nicole R. Martin
Remodeling Project Specialist, Brubaker Inc.

Paint with rub thruCabinets are an extremely important part of any remodeling project because they are generally the hardest working fixtures in a kitchen and provide the only necessary storage in many bathrooms. Besides function, they also provide one of the major design elements in the room so it’s important to select your cabinetry carefully.

Cabinets are available in several constructions. Fully custom cabinets have the highest price tag but also give you the greatest flexibility in style, finish and size. These cabinets give you the freedom to create a truly unique look by selecting all aspects of the cabinet configuration and door design as well as the finish. As the saying goes, “If you can draw it, we can make it.”

  • Semi-custom cabinets are the most popular option because they allow for the quality of custom cabinets but with a price closer to stock cabinets. These cabinets come in a wide variety of door styles, finishes and special sizes but don’t allow for the completely detailed customization of fully custom cabinets.
  • Stock cabinets are the most cost effective option but are limited to standard sizes and finishes. The quality of a stock cabinet is far below that of semi-custom and fully custom cabinets and should be considered only forwhite very low-use bathrooms. We do not recommend stock cabinets for kitchens or high-traffic bathrooms.

There are many inexpensive, unique ways to add storage and usability to a room with your cabinetry. Clearing the clutter in a kitchen can be as simple as adding a message center. This feature can be built into the interior of a cabinet to hold keys, mail, a corkboard and even USB and phone chargers. 

Units can store and organize pots and pans, dishes, glassware, spices and small appliances. Pull-out trash cans with automatically opening doors make throwing away garbage easy. Accommodations can even be made for pet supplies and food dishes! Vanities can be designed with drawer organizers, pull-out shelves and holders for your hair dryer and curling iron.

Available wood species vary by manufacturer but most cabinets are available in cherry, maple, oak, birch, walnut, and hickory. Stains, from light to dark, highlight the natural beauty of the wood graining.

For a more colorful look, painted cabinets are available in any shade imaginable. Cabinets, whether stained or painted, can also be glazed to highlight the architectural details of the door. Special features like a rubbed through or distressed finish can be added to perfectly fit the mood of your room.

Selecting the right cabinetry for your remodeling project will create exactly the style you are seeking while adding organization, and convenience, to your home. Beautiful, quality cabinetry is an excellent investment in the charm and ambience of your home.