Top 5 Design Trends for 2015

Posted by Nicole R. Martin
Remodeling Project Specialist, Brubaker Inc.


As we continue through 2015 many people are interested in trends for home remodeling this year. While there are many directions the industry may go, following are five trends sure to be big in 2015:

Warm Metals
While chrome and brushed nickel will always be popular choices for fixtures, warm metals are coming into their own. Oil-rubbed bronze has been increasing in popularity for several years and will continue to do so. Brass, yes brass, is making a huge comeback. Unlike the shiny metal fixtures of the 80s and early 90s, brass today is often integrated into design in more muted tones, such as brushed or antiqued brass. Finishes such as brushed bronze and burnished copper also add warmth to your room and complement popular brown-hued neutral tones beautifully.


Warm Metals #1


Transitional Style
Transitional style is very popular right now. A blend of traditional and contemporary forms, transitional design brings life to the coldness of contemporary fixtures while simplifying traditional compositions. Transitional design comprises cabinets and fixtures with clean lines or simple curves, neutral or monochromatic palettes with pops of accent color and sophisticated pieces that lack extraneous details. Transitional style creates a classic, timeless look that perfectly bridges the worlds of ornate and simple.




Shaker Style Cabinets
Perhaps part of the reason that Shaker cabinets are trending now is because they work so well with the movement towards transitional style. Shaker cabinets can be construed as traditional or contemporary. The finish of the cabinet impacts the interpretation of the cabinet style, as does the style and finish of the hardware on the pieces. Lighter or painted cabinets with cup pulls and simple knobs in finishes like brass and bronze will lean towards a traditional reading while darker cabinets with sleeker pulls in chrome or stainless steel realizes the transitional or contemporary look.




Subway Tile
Subway tile has always been popular but is gaining a huge following in recent years and this trend will grow in 2015. Much like Shaker cabinets, subway tile is the chameleon of the ceramic world. With looks that range from traditional to modern, the tiles come in an endless range of colors and finishes. Using tiles in a basic 3”x6” size in a solid color can evoke the feel of everything from an early 20th century room to transitional styles of this century. Using stone tiles or adding decorative accents like glass tile enliven the look and highlight other features and colors in the room. Subway patterns can also be installed using a modified size such as a 6”x6” tile for a new take on a classic look.


Subway collage


Mixed Cabinet Colors
Whether it’s two paint colors or a combination of painted and stained cabinets, multi-finish cabinets in one room are becoming increasingly popular. Most often the look is achieved by using one finish on an island while using another on the perimeter cabinets, but the same concept can be accomplished by using differing finishes on the base and wall cabinets. This is also a great look for bathroom cabinetry that includes countertop cabinets. Varying the finish among cabinets is an elegant way to add visual interest and depth to your room.


Mixed cab collage


Paul Anka once said, “The thing is to be able to outlast the trends.” While he spoke of music, the same is true of home design. Fortunately, the trends shaping up to be huge in 2015 are enduring looks that won’t leave you feeling like you may have after investing in your harvest gold and avocado fixtures. These styles are abiding and adaptable, making your home stylish and stunning for years to come.