How to Remodel your Home with a Practical and Attractive Design

Posted by Nicole R. Martin
Remodeling Project Specialist, Brubaker Inc.

I’m looking to fully remodel my bathroom and kitchen. Is it possible to accommodate my day to day needs for organization, storage and usability with practical and reasonable solutions that are also attractive?

Brubaker Bath-Remodel1 9-14

Bathroom Remodel by Brubaker Inc’s Remodeling Team – 2014

We get this question from most, if not all, of our remodeling customers. The short answer is yes, and here’s why. Homes are meant to be lived in and enjoyed. They should be a comfortable refuge from the stresses of life. While rooms must always be beautiful to look at, design needs to make sense, work in the real world and make the resident family’s lives easier.

Brubaker Kitchen

Kitchen Remodel by Brubaker Inc’s Remodeling Team – 2013

Magazines and design shows are great for inspiration but often offer impractical and user UN-friendly solutions. It may be something as simple as the placement of a tub faucet or shower shelf to something as fundamental as the location of appliances, but each detail of a kitchen, bathroom or laundry room remodel needs to be considered to not only maximize the benefit of the remodel but also to avoid mistakes that make the features inconvenient to use. A dedicated remodeling project specialist will be able to lead you in finding solutions to meet your needs and that fit in your budget while being aesthetically pleasing to not only you but your guests too.


There are many inexpensive, unique ways to add storage and usability to a room without creating the appearance of a locker room or office. Clearing the clutter in a kitchen can be as simple as adding a message center. This feature can be built into the interior of a cabinet to hold keys, mail, a corkboard and even USB and phone chargers. Recessed shelves in bathrooms and kitchens are a great way to add storage without intruding visually, or spatially, on what may be a tight area. These space-savers can be installed in showers, backsplashes and walls to add instant storage without depleting floor space.


Touch-free faucets are a great, low-cost addition to kitchens where messy hands are an issue or to bathrooms used by guests or children. No more worrying about whether the faucet is turned off!

Kitchen - Brubaker Remodel 2013

Kitchen Remodel by Brubaker Inc’s Remodeling Team – 2014

Myriads of cabinet inserts make it easy to custom-design organization to meet your lifestyle and needs. Units can store and organize pots and pans, dishes, glassware, spices and small appliances. Accommodations can even be made for pet supplies and food dishes! These inserts are very cost effective compared to custom cabinets that were necessary in the past to receive such convenience.

Even the materials, from counters to tiles to cabinets to sinks, are much easier to care for and require very little maintenance. Dazzling materials including natural stones, ceramics, glasses, metals and woods are available in a wide spectrum of colors, finishes and designs to fit in any budget.

Brubaker Laundry

Laundry Room Remodel by Brubaker Inc’s Remodeling Team – 2014

An experienced remodeling project specialist will help you to select the materials you love that fit within your budget and work with your lifestyle while thinking through each aspect of the design such as: What height is best for my vanity? Will a single- or multi-level island work best for my family? Considering the way I use my kitchen, what appliance placement makes the most sense for me?

Planning for such usability (and then making the details beautiful!) will turn your kitchen or bathroom into the organized, functional, magnificent room you always wanted!