How to Choose a Backsplash

Posted by Andrew Baker
Remodeling Project Specialist, Brubaker Inc.

There are three backsplash materials that are commonly used. Here’s the pros & cons of each option. BacksplashBrubakerInc2015


  • Pros: Laminate is cost effective solution and it is easy to clean.
  • Cons: Laminate is recognized as an outdated style. It can only be used as backsplash material if paired with a laminate countertop, which is becoming less, and less common.

Granite and Quartz

  • Pros: Granite and quartz surfaces are easy to clean, provide a seamless look and offer a high-end look.
  • Cons: Staining is possible with granite if it isn’t sealed properly. Both quartz and granite are costly investments.


  • Pros: Create a custom designed backsplash with accents and an unlimited color and design options. Tile pairs nicely with any type of countertop.
  • Cons: Grout can be harder to clean than other backsplash materials.