Why do I have rust stains on some of my plumbing fixtures or in my dishwasher?

You may have galvanized pipes, or water with a low pH (thus dissolving iron into your water from your water source, such as a well or the public water supply). Galvanized pipes were commonly used many years ago; many homes still contain portions or all of their water system in galvanized pipe. As the pipes have aged over time, the galvanized coating has come off through corrosion and the steel under this coating is oxidizing. It is, essentially, rust. Low pH water will hasten this if you have galvanized pipes; although chances are the rust is coming from some other source. If you are on a well system, there may be small parts or fittings between the pump, pressure tank, and connection point to your plumbing system that are galvanized, even if the rest of your water system is comprised of other materials.

There are filters available to take rust out of the water, however, the first and best choice would be to eliminate all galvanized pipe and fittings from your water system. If it has been determined that you have no galvanized or other steel pipes in your plumbing system, then consider adding a filter to your water system. Be sure to call Brubaker Inc. at 717-299-5641, or contact us here to schedule a service call. We will be glad to show you the latest filtration technologies available to provide you with a solution that best fits your needs.