What regular maintenance should heating and air conditioning systems have?

The most important part of your system is the fan and air movement. It needs to operate unimpeded by any kind of restrictions or blockage. The worst thing for your system is dust, dirt, and debris. Keep all coils, filters, and heat exchangers free of dirt and restrictions.

We at Brubaker Inc. recommend that you have your heating and cooling system checked and serviced twice a year. Ideally a cleaning and servicing tune-up should be done sometime in the fall in preparation for the upcoming heating season and sometime in late spring before the upcoming cooling season. Air filters should be changed regularly. To optimize the maintenance on your system, enroll in our Service Club Membership to receive complete peace of mind that your maintenance needs are met regularly and that any potential problems with your system are properly identified. To find out more, contact us here or at 717-299-5641 to schedule a service call.