What is static electricity and how can I stop it?

Any time two materials rub together, a static charge can be produced. Recall how sometimes when you walk across a carpeted room and touch something, you get a shock. While you are walking across the room, you are building up a small charge by having your shoes rub against the carpet. This charge is transferred to you and then it is discharged onto the object that you either touched or got close to. This charge is static electricity. Static electriciy occurs any time one material transfers electrons to another material, often through friction.

Static electricity becomes more common when the temperature outside becomes colder and the moisture in the air is low. A priome way to minimize static buildup and discharge is by adding moisture to the air. Grounding is the best way to remove static electricity, however, that might not always be practical. The next best option to consider is to purchase a cabinet humidifier, or install a humidifier in your heating system. Using humidifiers or placing containers of water next to heating ducts can help increase the level of moisture in the air. When the moisture level in the air is increased, static electricity becomes less of a nuisance.