Old Stone House Kitchen Remodel

Posted by Nicole R. Martin
Remodeling Project Specialist, Brubaker Inc.

We had the wonderful opportunity to remodel the kitchen in a 200 year-old stone house, located in Lancaster. Our client’s main goal was to update and beautify the room.



Developing A Plan

Working closely with the client, we started the process by designing the new kitchen with the appliances in alternate locations and the peninsula cabinets moved to the opposite wall. This lay-out would allow for easier exterior venting of a range hood while increasing counter space around the range, the main prep area. After thinking through how she uses her kitchen, as well as her cooking processes, the homeowner decided that the overall footprint of the existing kitchen worked well for her. The position of the sink and most of the appliances fit her cooking style. With this realization we then focused on creating cabinets that gave her the exact storage she wanted. We talked through many factors that weigh into making the kitchen most convenient, including what she has to store, where it is most conveniently located for how and when she uses it, whether drawers would work better, and what height cabinet is most convenient.


Construction Process

Once all the final decisions were made and materials arrived we began the construction phase.

  • We removed the dated paneling;
  • Added a lot more storage with larger, brighter custom cabinets;
  • Brought in pops of color with red glass backsplash tile and orange walls;
  • Added quartz counters which will provide a durable, easy care work surface for the client’s frequent cooking and baking;
  • Incorporated recessed lights, pendant lights and undercabinet lights controlled by the client’s smart phone add abundant light to the room and work areas.
  • We kept the weathered wood floor as is, as a homage to the home’s past.


The Result

Even though the overall footprint of the room didn’t change, the kitchen became exponentially more convenient by utilizing better storage solutions and maximizing every bit of counter space available. Bright, colorful cabinets and fixtures make the new, yet comfortingly familiar, kitchen a joy in which to work.

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