My water bill seems high to me. I haven’t noticed any leaks. What might be making my bill seem so high?

With your water meter being in your house and not in a meter pit or in a separate structure apart from your house, we will discount the possibility of a leak somewhere outside of your house. That having been noted, check to see if your toilet is leaking somewhere.

There are a few things that you can do to verify this:

Make sure that the water level in your toilet tank is not overflowing down the overflow pipe (this is the pipe toward the middle of the tank that has a small tube connected to it from the fill valve assembly). If water is overflowing into that, adjust the fill valve. This is typically done by adjusting the float assembly on the fill valve. Adjust it so that the water filling the tank will stop about an inch below the top of the overflow pipe. Or, look for a water level stamp on the inside of the tank. If you find that, use that as a guide for where to adjust the water level.

Another thing that you can do is place a few drops of food coloring in the tank. After doing this, check in the toilet bowl for any color changes. If you see food coloring in the toilet bowl within 15 minutes, the flapper or ball assembly at the bottom of your tank is most likely not sealing properly and needs to be replaced.