My faucets and shower heads have white deposits and scale where the water comes out. What can I do to get rid of that, besides replace them?

You more than likely have what is commonly known as hard water, which leads to mineral and lime buildup like that. To help remove this, place vinegar in a plastic sandwich or food storage bag, and place this over the shower head or end of the faucet. Tie it at the top with a twist-tie to hold it in place. Leave it there overnight. Another method would be to remove the aerator on your faucet or take the shower head off of the pipe and then submerge in a container of vinegar. As mentioned, leave it overnight.

In the morning, take a toothbrush and gently scrub the loosened deposits away and rinse in water (if you removed the items and placed in a container as opposed to putting the bag of vinegar around them.

To help mitigate this in the future, consider having a water softener installed. Call us at 717-299-5641 or contact us here to schedule a service call. For more information on water softeners, water treatment, or water conditioning, click here.