Mom’s House ‘Candle of Hope’ Banquet to feature talk-radio host

(Compliments of Lancaster New Era, December 6th, 2001)


Janet Parshall thinks about it every time she drives past a public school and the sign says “God Bless America” or has some faith-based message that would have been a no-no before September 11.Candle of Hope Award 2001

And that is, the worst of times can also produce the best in people and draw them toward God and toward helping others, and otherwise make a silver lining out of the darkest tragedy.

It also shows nationally known radio talk-show host Parshall “the preciousness of each and every life.

“We are learning to ask ourselves, ‘What do we believe in?’ And I have to tell you, there’s nothing more basic than a human life,” Parshall said.

That’s why she will be in Lancaster this evening, speaking on behalf of a local ministry for single parents.

Parshall will be keynote speaker at the 10th anniversary dinner for Mom’s House, which provides free child care and other support services to single parents.

The “Candle of Hope” dinner is scheduled for 6:30 p.m. at the Lancaster Host Resort, 2300 Lincoln Highway East.

Doors will open at 6, and last-minute reservations can still be made by calling Mom’s House (396-9130).  Tickets are $25.000.

Parshall is host of “Janet Parshall’s America,” a daily three-hour syndicated show, and she hosts the Focus on the Family organization’s “Renewing the Heart” program, a weekly call-in radio program for women.

Parshall, who is pro-life and pro-family, said from suburban Washington, D.C., Wednesday that she strongly supports ministries such as Mom’s House, which walk the Christian walk and “put their arms around both the child and the mother herself.

“From my vantage point as a woman, that’s compassion, compassion with shoes,” she said.

“If you really want to be pro-woman, it doesn’t mean taking $250 (for an abortion) and saying, ‘We accept VISA and Mastercard’ and sending them on their way.  It’s saying, “We’ll walk with you, we’ll comfort you and be with you.’”

Parshall, whose radio commentary can be heard on Lancaster Christian radio station WDAC-FM (94.5) each day just before noon, said the terrorist attacks on America have changed hearts and minds like few other things could have done.

“We run helter-skelter thinking we have a million tomorrows, but as Sept. 11 showed, we don’t know that,” she said.  “All of our 401(k)s, our mutual funds and our CDs, that isn’t what comforted us after Sept. 11.”

With her husband, Craig—they have four grown children—Parshall also co-authored two books, “Tough Faith: Trusting God in Troubled Times” and “The Light in the City: Why Christians Must Advance and Not Retreat.”

Parshall has thought often since Sept. 11 of the Old Testament story of Joseph, betrayed and left for dead by his brothers, but who still later forgave them—and declared that what they meant “for evil, God meant it for good.”

A nationally sought-after speaker on public policy issues that affect families, she has appeared on television shows ranging from “Crossfire” and “Nightline” to “Larry King Live” and “Politically Incorrect.”

Mom’s House is at 415 S. Queen St., in the old Queen Dairy building.

Just after it opened a decade ago, the first President Bush, who spoke of “a Thousand Points of Light” in America, named the non-denominational ministry as the nation’s 768th point of Light.

Special guest at this evening’s dinner will be Peg Luksik, founder of Mom’s House.  This year’s Candle of Hope Award, given to an individual or business demonstrating outstanding support for the ministry, will be presented to Brubaker Inc.