May is National Electrical Safety Month!

Brubaker Inc. is Raising Awareness with Electrical Safety Inspections

Your home may have important electrical components which are expired or no longer functioning properly

Let Brubaker Inc. make sure that your family is safe and sound

Natioanal Electrical Safety MonthThe U.S. Fire Administration reports that during a typical year, home electrical problems account for tremendous losses.  From 2014 – 2016 there were 24,000 fires, 850 injuries, 310 deaths, and $871 million in property losses.  If your home’s smoke detectors are 10 years of age or older—they are expired.  Yes, smoke detectors expire!  Like anything expired, they can’t be counted on to do their jobs IF a fire emergency occurs in your home. In fact, statistics show that expired smoke detectors often FAIL! 

May is National Electrical Safety Month

For peace of mind that your home’s electrical system is operating safely, Brubaker Inc. is encouraging you to have a whole house electrical inspection!  During this inspection, our electrical service technicians will look for:  

  • Loose service panel connections  
  • Limited service panel capacity  
  • Burnt busbar  
  • Outdated wiring  
  • No GFCI outlets  
  • Current code violations  
  • Dilapidated or worn out builder’s grade materials  
  • Expired smoke detectors  or defective smoke detectors

What you should do: Contact us at Brubaker Inc. at 717.299.5641 or email us to schedule a service call.  We will schedule a visit by one of our service technicians to solve any electrical problem that you might have.  We’ll answer any electrical questions that you might have  and make sure that you are electrically safe.

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