May is Allergy Awareness Month

May is considered by many to be the peak time for allergy and asthma sufferers

This year, symptoms are especially bad for many in our country, due to an unseasonably warm winter for 2011-2012. Who out there doesn’t know someone who has problems with sneezing, itchy or watery eyes, congestion, wheezing, or coughing, among other maladies associated with the season?


Here’s a few facts about indoor air quality you may not be aware of!


What can you do to combat or at least minimize your allergy symptoms? Below are some tips to help you deal with the irritating effects of allergens.

1. Control the humidity.

While you can’t control the humidity outside, you can gain control of it on the inside. This is one way to control allergen exposure indoors—keep your home’s humidity below 50%. This can be done by running your air conditioning system, which can help lower your humidity, or use an electric de-humidifier. Be sure to contact your Comfort Advisor or our Service Department at Brubaker Inc. to find the best solution for your dehumidification needs.

2. If possible use a portable air conditioner or a central air conditioning system

While we all love a nice breeze coming in the window, this unfortunately is best avoided if your symptoms are acting up. Open windows can exacerbate your allergy or asthma problem. Try using a room air conditioner or your central air conditioning system, if you have one. While using ceiling fans may be more energy efficient, they will do nothing to help your allergies. In fact, they could make your symptoms worse.

3. Change your filters!

It’s Spring! Time to change the seasonal wardrobe. When you change your clothes for the season, change any and all filters too. Air conditioners, central air systems, vacuum cleaners, and air purifiers should all have their filters changed and receive a checkup. While you’re at it, sign up for our maintenance plan. Save time, money, and gain assurance that your heating and air cooling system is in peek condition with a maintenance plan from Brubaker Inc.

4. Other suggestions

Since it’s Spring, we want to get outside and enjoy it, right? Well, this is certainly true, however, take advantage of these opportunities, if you can. For instance, one way to control your outdoor allergies is to leave your house in the afternoon instead of the morning. For many plants, pollen is released in the morning; if you can, wait it out before leaving for your activities. Other ideas to consider: exercise indoors, wear a mask when gardening or mowing the lawn, and set your automobile air conditioner to ‘re-circulate’ when you are driving instead of rolling the window down on your car.


For more interesting information on indoor air quality, please click here. You can also email us or contact us at 717.299.5641.



Allergy and Asthma Foundation of America