I have an oil (or gas) fired furnace. How often should I have it serviced?

With either of these two types of furnaces, we would recommend a cleaning and servicing annually.

What are some items that should be maintained or serviced on oil or gas systems?
“Again, if it is an air heating system, air filters should be maintained in a similar fashion to heat pump and air conditioning systems. Your filters should be checked regularly to ensure proper air flow and keep your home free of dust and allergens. Depending on the system and type of filter that you have will determine how often it should be changed. Your Brubaker Inc. Service Technician or Comfort Advisor can recommend the ideal filter type and replacement schedule for your system.

Other items include cleaning and servicing the combustion chamber on your unit. Also there may be fuel pumps and fuel filters that need to be maintained if you have an oil system. If you have gas, the heat exchanger may need to be serviced on a regular schedule. If your system is a “wet” or hydronic heating system, there are circulator pumps and aquastats that should be checked and serviced, if needed.