I have a hot water heating system for my home heat. Sometimes I have trouble with it not seeming to heat properly. There are cold areas on my baseboard (or radiators). Why is that?

Hydronic heating systems can get air in them at times. These bubbles often will not circulate through your system and get collected in your expansion tank. That is why you will see on your radiators what are known as bleeders or purge valves. When you turn your heating system on for the first time, check for proper heating of your radiators. If you have cold areas, you might have air that needs to be bled from the system. Find a small container that will fit at your bleeder valve on each radiator. With a special key (which you can obtain from us here at Brubaker Inc.), open the bleeder valve. You may get only air coming out; let this air out until you get a steady stream of water into your container. When this occurs, close the bleeder and continue this through the house, from room-to-room. See if this does not improve your heat circulation.

If you are not satisfied with your results or are not comfortable with doing this, contact us here or at 717-299-5641 to schedule a service call.