I have a circuit that doesn’t work, but no breakers are tripped. I have a GFCI plug that doesn’t work either. Are these two things related?

Most likely, yes. Your GFCI–Ground Fault Circuit Interruptor (or sometimes just GFI) plug or receptacle has what is in essence, a mini-breaker built into it. Electrical code requirements today stipulate that any receptacle near a vessel that holds water, such as a sink or a tub must be GFCI protected or the receptacle has to be on a GFCI circuit. This is in case someone has an electric appliance or tool plugged into it and if it were to get wet or fall into water, it would trip the circuit, thus preventing a possible electric shock to the user of the appliance.

Back to the non-working plug or circuit. Most likely the GFCI was tripped and needs the reset button on it pushed to reset it. Look to see if you have a receptacle with two of these unique looking buttons. If you find one, look for the reset button and push it. For good measure, after doing that, push the trip button on it. It should click, and then you can push the reset button on it again.

If you find that you do not have this, look for one somewhere in your house, if you know that you might have one. It may still be tripped and you have more than one outlet on that circuit.

If you are unsuccessful with that, and you are certain that none of your breakers are tripped in your panel box, then call us at Brubaker Inc. at 717-299-5641 or contact us here to schedule a service call.