Do You Ever Find Yourself Saying “I Could’ve Done That!”?

Have you ever seen a piece of art in a gallery or museum and thought, “I could have done that?” Frequently that remark is made within earshot of someone else who retorts, “But you didn’t!”

For many of us, the materials are common, but it takes an uncommon eye to assemble them into a simple, yet creative whole that is pleasing as well as functional.

Similarly, people often walk into a space and say, “I could have designed this,” particularly if the products used are recognizable from familiar sources – say Pottery Barn or Ikea. Yet the same response holds true in this scenario as well: “But you didn’t!”

Often times a remodeling project – whether sourced from all retail and DIY stores or a combination of retail and custom sources – is neither easy nor obvious, although it may seem that way.

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