How can I increase the efficiency and the life of my heating and cooling systems?

Here are a few basics that you can do:

  1. Clean and/or replace your filters regularly.
  2. Install drapes, window blinds, shades, shutters, or screens on windows that are exposed to constant sunlight, such as the south side of your home, to help moderate high temperatures.
  3. Your system will heat and cool more evenly when you leave the fan switch in the “on” position. The blower will provide constant air movement, keeping the temperatures more even and your air will stay better filtered.
  4. Consider your outdoor landscape plantings. On the colder side of the house (typically the northwest) consider planting evergreen trees, if practicable, as a windbreak. On the warmer side of the home (typically to the south), again, if practicable, plant shade trees that would help to shade the wall and roof as they mature, thus lowering the temperature in the shade and making your system work less hard.