Arctic Fundra Golf Challenge Marathon To Raise Funds For Charity

By Dayna Reidenouer, Hempfield-Mountville Merchandiser

Some people just really like golf.

“It started because there was a really nice day in December one year,” said Erik Goserud, explaining the origins of the Arctic Fundra Charity Golf Challenge.  “Then we tried to duplicate it, adding Arctic Fundraa few ridiculous rules.  As more people joined, we started using it to raise money, keeping the same ridiculous rules in place.  We all love golf, but it’s become more of a fun way to see friends over the holidays and do something good than anything else.”

This year’s Challenge will be held at Four Seasons Golf Course in Landisville on Saturday December 28th.  Play will begin at 8:00 am, regardless of the weather, and will continue without stopping until all 27 holes are played.

Yes, that is correct.  The Challenge will take contestants through nine more holes than the usual round of golf, and there will be no stopping for lunch or snacks.  In fact, contestants ate not allowed to eat during the event.

Two-man teams will be randomly selected on the first tee, and all players must walk the duration of the 27 holes.  Each group of nine holes will be played in a different format.  The first nine holes will be a better-ball, the second nine holes will be played in a scramble format, and the final nine holes will be played as a modified alternate shot.

Traditionally, the contestants gather for a buffet dinner to thaw out and fill up after the 27th hole.

This unique event is open to golfers of all ability levels willing to brave the elements to help raise money for charities such as the American Cancer Society and the Alzheimer’s Association.

“If you think you have the stamina to walk 10 miles, in sub-freezing temperatures, over the course of nine hours, without food, maybe with a stranger as a teammate, for charity, then please feel free to contact us,” Goserud said, adding, “especially if you’re from Canada, as we’re trying to make this an international event.”

Past winners of the Arctic Fundra Charity Golf Challenge include A.J. Ianello, Brubaker Inc.’s own Andrew Baker, Jay Ingram, Andrew Arnold, Brian Hungarter, Mike Turner, and Brixton Albert.  Women are encouraged to participate, but up until now, none have done so.

“Women are definintely allowed to play; we just haven’t happened to have any interested women contact us yet,” Goserud remarked.

Entry fees and prizes are still being determined; for more information, interested golfers may visit or contact Goserud at

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