Why should I change my air filter regularly?

Regular changing of your air filter will help keep your system in top condition

There are a variety of filter sizes available; find which one fits your needs.

Do you have a heating and/or air conditioning system with an air filter?  If so, do you know when the last time was that it was changed?  Regular changing or replacement of your air filter will help keep your heating and cooling system operating at an optimal level and improve your indoor air quality.  To find out more on indoor air quality, click here.

Changing your filters regularly will help ensure proper air flow and keep your home free of dust and allergens. Depending on the system and type of filter that you have will determine how often it should be changed. Your Brubaker Inc. Service Technician or Comfort Advisor can recommend the ideal filter type and replacement schedule for your system.  You can then rest easy knowing that your system is operating at peak efficiency while providing you with a cleaner indoor environment.

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