Adopt-a-Highway litter cleanup 2016

Saturday April 30th, 2016 saw less than favorable conditions in the morning, but things improved as the morning progressed for the annual Adopt-A-Highway litter cleanup at Brubaker Inc.  The wet, cool conditions and reduced number of participants didn’t deter us from having a good time and make our roadsides look a little nicer.

Adopt-a-Highway trash collection

This season saw the most forgotten yard signs in years—and they weren’t political signs.

Approximately two miles of roadway along Rohrerstown Road and McGovernville Road (PA Route 741) from Rohrerstown north to PA Route 283 were cleaned of litter and other trash. In about 4 hours almost a dozen bags of trash, along with various and sundry car parts, building materials, wooden pallets, articles of clothing, bottles, broken CD’s, DVD’s and such were collected.  There were old or forgotten yard signs everywhere along our route that were retrieved.

Many thanks to our employees who helped to make the roadway and neighborhood a little cleaner!