What should I avoid flushing down my toilet to help prevent clogs?

Your toilet was not designed or intended to be an all-purpose disposal device. It is intended to only have human waste and toilet tissue flushed down it. While some things may get flushed down by accident, it is especially important that the following not be flushed:

  • Sanitary hygiene products
  • Diapers, either cloth or disposable
  • Baby wipes, facial tissue, paper towels, medicated wipes, or napkins. While these may seem to flush satisfactorily at first, they do not dissolve in water as effectively as toilet tissue and will eventually get caught on something downstream in the drain line, such as a fitting like an elbow, thus becoming an impediment for more to be caught on.
  • Hair
  • Cotton balls, cotton swabs, makeup pads, or dental floss
  • Small toys or toothbrushes
  • Food scraps. Use a garbage disposal, if you have one, for most of these.