What is the quality of your water?

Water is the most abundant resource on earth. 70 percent of our planet’s surface is covered with water and it is so essential to life that a person can survive without food for days, but not without water. However, only about 3 percent of the water in the world is freshwater, and only a third of that is readily accessible.

The United States is considered to have some of the finest drinking water in the world, yet we are not without our challenges. The nonprofit Environmental Working Group (EWG) in 2005 tested municipal water in 42 states and detected some 260 contaminants in public water supplies, 140 of which were chemicals for which public health officials have no safety standards for, much less methods for removing them. People don’t realize how many new chemicals have emerged for which we may not yet know how to deal with them in the drinking water supply.

Fortunately most of the contaminants in public water supplies exist in such small amounts that large quantities would need to be ingested for health problems to occur. In addition, the Nation’s public water providers do an outstanding job to ensure the safety of the drinking water supply. Many of our non-public sources of water (such as wells) are also generally suitable for human consumption.

What is the quality of your water?  Have you had it tested?  For peace of mind, many people purchase bottled water.  However, did you ever stop to think of the long-term cost of that to your pocketbook, not to mention the effort involved in carrying and storing it?

For both peace of mind and long-term economic savings, consult the experts at Brubaker Inc.  Have one of our technicians test your water and we will recommend to you an economical water treatment solution.

Get the healthy benefits of pure drinking water for less cost and effort than you ever thought.