How do I control roots if I have them in my sewer line, and how do I keep them out once they are removed?

If you have roots in your pipes, call us at 717-299-5641, or contact us here to schedule a service call. We have the methods, materials, and equipment to remove the roots without necessarily having to excavate your yard. If your root problem isn’t too substantial, we may be able to eliminate the roots chemically which will inhibit future root growth without damaging the rest of the tree which the roots are coming from.

If you have a continuing root problem that does not rise to the level of having to dig up your pipe, we would recommend a continuing maintenance program to keep the root growth at bay. This could include cleaning out the pipe on a regular basis, administering any chemicals that would inhibit root growth, and if necessary, introducing a camera to visually inspect the inside of your drain pipe to ascertain the condition and environment of the inside of your pipe.