Is Your Electric Panel Safe?

How old is your panel? What brand is it?

Today, more than ever, we depend on electricity. Everything seems to operate off of electricity, or has electric components in it that are critical to its operation or performance. Most people have at least one computer, several televisions, a stereo system, cell phones, clock radios, and the list goes on. All of these devices require electricity to function. In today’s world, it would be exceedingly difficult to live without electricity and maintain the standard of living that we enjoy and expect.

Some say more dependable than breakers, but are they safer?

As of now, more than half of all homes in the U.S. were constructed before the 1970s, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. That means more than half were built decades before many of our modern electronic conveniences were invented. Most of these older homes possess no more than a 60-amp electrical service. Today, homes should have at least a 150-amp service.

Older homes typically were built with fuse panels instead of the circuit breakers you see in newer homes and today’s new construction. While they may seem more dependable than circuit breakers, they can be a fire hazard, especially with the electrical demands of the modern home.

This points to a problem—older homes, unless their electrical systems have been upgraded, are being overburdened. This could at the least be an inconvenience, or worse, a downright safety hazard.

If you are unsure as to the age of your electric service or panel, please set up a service call request with Brubaker Inc. at 717.299.5641 or email us.

The circuit breaker panel is one of the most important parts of your home’s electrical system. It constantly receives and distributes electricity. With regular maintenance by a licensed electrician, today’s electrical panels can function properly and protect homes for many years.

However, there are brands of panels and circuit breakers that have not stood the test of time. Do you have one of these brands in your electrical system?

FPE breakers

If you suspect that you may have a Federal Pacific Electric, Zinsco, or some other outdated circuit breaker panel in your home; a fuse box, or if you have not had your panel inspected recently, you owe it to yourself and your family to contact a licensed electrical contractor in your area for an inspection.

If you are unsure of what brand of electric panel or breakers you have, or if you know you have Federal Pacific or Zinsco in your electrical system, please set up a service call request with Brubaker Inc. at 717.299.5641 or email us.

At Brubaker Inc., we are familiar with the potential hazards and dangers of Challenger, Federal Pacific, Zinsco, and other  outdated panels. We can provide you with an In-Home Safety Analysis of your electric service.



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