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Heating Tune Up Special

Make your HVAC system more energy efficient.

From now until October 16th, 2020!

It’s time to get your heating system scheduled for a tune up! 

Manufacturer warranties for most systems require annual tune ups, and for good reason.  These preventative maintenance measures extend the life of your system by keeping your system running the way it is designed to run.

During a seasonal tune up, our technicians run diagnostics on every part of your system.  We make sure that fans run smoothly, the thermostat is programmed to your liking, and that all critical parts are not showing signs of wear.  If a component needs replacing, we can replace it for you before it gives out.  We’ll even replace the filter for you — one less hassle!

Contact Brubaker Inc. at 717.299.5641 or email us and ask to take advantage of this limited time Heating Tune Up Special!