What Should You Recycle?

Do you know what your local municipality requires or accepts?  See the 17 things not to recycle.

Most, if not all municipalities in the cities and suburbs of the United States have some sort of recycling rules or guidelines.  Lancaster County is no different.

recycle container

Image courtesy of Lancaster County Solid Waste Management Authority.

Do you know what your local municipality or neighborhood recycling rules and guidelines are?  Be sure to check them out.  Knowing what they are will help contain costs for your waste hauler, thus keeping costs manageable for you as well as helping to protect the environment.

Here are guidelines for our neighborhood here in East Hempfield Township.

Many recyclables from Lancaster County and our neighbors to the northwest in Dauphin County and York County to the west go to York County’s Penn Waste.  Here, compliments of PennLive, is a compilation of 17 things that you should never throw in your recycle bin.

Most of the time we just place all of our ‘comingled’ recyclables into a bin which the trash hauler then empties for us.  Did you ever wonder how the recyclables are efficiently seperated?  You can view that here, again compliments of PennLive and Penn Waste.

Did you know that there is more than just recycling involved with your trash?  Trash can be a renewable resource!  Lancaster County’s Solid Waste Management Authority, LCSWMA, can show you how.  See their Renewable Energy Dashboard to learn about their partnerships, stakeholders, and energy conversion initiatives!

So the more you know about proper trash disposal, the more you can do your part to protect the environment and better manage trash disposal costs.    


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