On a Mission to Build a Radio Network in Haiti

Doug Brubaker - building radio tower

Doug Brubaker on a new radio tower in Haiti

Brubaker’s own, Doug Brubaker, has traveled to Haiti for the past five years in conjunction with Neffsville Mennonite Church and World Gospel Mission.

This month, Doug and his mission group, will travel once again to Haiti for a 10-day trip. The service project works directly with Radio Lumiere, a Christian radio network in Haiti. The goal for this trip is to build a radio station on the north coastal town of Port-de-Paix.

The Radio Lumiere station will serve as a community radio station for the residents of Port-de-Paix by teaching the Word of God and providing programs about health, hygiene, civic education, the environment, family, women, children, agriculture, natural disasters, and other topics.

In addition to putting up a 100’ radio tower, the mission group will also be distributing 400 solar powered radios. In Haiti, electricity is precious, expensive, and unreliable. The solar powered radios will help the community stay connected, as computers are rare, except in affluent urban or suburban areas.

To learn more about Doug’s mission trip, check out the group’s Facebook page.