Have you hugged your plumber?

Celebrate National Hug a Plumber Day, April 25th.

Hug a Plumber Day 2017When’s the last time that you hugged your plumber?  Now’s your chance: April 25th is Hug your Plumber Day.  Show him/her how much you care and appreciate their efforts.  If you don’t have an opportunity to hug one, take the time to call and say thanks!

Plumbers are the unsung heroes that bring us the warmth and comfort of life as we know it.  Every day they work to ensure that we have water flowing to our homes, that our toilets work, and that our clothes can both be washed, and take away the dirt that has soiled them. Hug A Plumber Day reminds us to sing the praises of these important men and women who make sure that modern living remains clean and healthy.

The Plumber Protects the Health of the NationSanitation is so important to us that the plumbing manufacturer American-Standard commissioned this iconic poster in the 1930’s to honor the plumber and his work protecting the nation’s health.

And the importance of sanitation (or the lack thereof) can be seen around the world. Taking a peek at this gallery of some of the worst toilets will tell the story. While we might find them horrifying, they are typical for much of the rest of the world.

By and large, our sanitation conditions in this country are the envy of the world. A large part of that is attributable to the flush toilet. You don’t believe that? There is a demonstrable relationship between the level of sanitation and the health, both physically and economically, of a nation. Take the nation of India, for instance. A World Bank Water and Sanitation Study showed that a lack of toilets in India cost that nation over $50 billion in 2006. In many countries the world over, water-borne disease is rampant. Major inroads can be made just by improving sanitation. And one of the greatest ways to improve that is by providing flush toilets and working sanitary sewer systems.

Clean water, pipes to carry it; pipes to transport our dirt and waste products—none of this would exist were it not for the plumber.

Here are just of a few good reasons to give your plumber a big “thank you”:

  • Plumbers are willing to handle the dirtiest of jobs and projects.  They regularly deal with hazards such as sewage and wastewater.
  • Plumbers will bail you out of major emergencies, like frozen or burst pipes and water flooding your house.
  • Your plumber is there for little jobs, too, like leaky faucets, toilets running through, and showing you preventative maintenance tips.
  • Plumbers can help when you’re out of water and you can’t use your toilet or shower.
  • Your plumber can help you save in the long run by installing low-flow fixtures and giving you tips on how to conserve water to help you save money on your utility bills.
  • Our plumbers will also be proactive when serving you, keeping an eye out for and answering your questions about any HVAC and electrical concerns that you might have as a value-added service to you.

Hug your plumber


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Be sure to hug your plumber or call and say ‘thanks’ on April 25th!


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