Happy Birthday!

Happy 90th to our own Glenn Kreider!

Happy Birthday, Glenn!Today, September 12th, Appliance Sales teammate Glenn Kreider turns 90 years young!  Celebrate with us as we pay tribute to Lancaster County’s most experienced (and quite possibly longest-tenured) appliance salesman!  Happy Birthday, Glenn!

Having been in the appliance business for over 50 years now, Glen has experienced and witnessed much over the years.  However, he is more than just a super salesman.  Besides being a father and grandfather, Glen is an avid golfer, and an experienced cook!  Glenn expertly spins out home cooked meals for two dozen people or more at his buddies’ hunting lodge.  And his homemade cookies are out of this world!  At 90 years young, he shows no signs of slowing down!

Glenn first got his start in the appliance business in the mid to late 1960’s.  He worked for an appliance dealer for 30 years.  When that dealer closed, Glenn could have done what many people at that age would consider doing— transitioning into retirement.  Glenn however, decided that he was having too much fun to stop.  He came to us here at Brubaker Inc. and has been with us for over 20 years!  

Glenn enjoys being around people.  He loves to work with our customers, helping them to find kitchen and laundry appliance solutions for their particular needs.  He also is wont to share a few stories along the way, which our customers enjoy. 

Glenn sharing recipe with customer.

Glenn sharing his cookie recipes with a customer.

Glenn is off today, celebrating with his family and friends.  You too, can celebrate Glenn; when he returns, come on in and wish him a Happy Birthday.  Have one of his famous snickerdoodles!  He always has a fresh batch of them on hand to share!  In addition, if you ask him, he’ll be glad to share his recipe for them.  He might even share a few other secrets that make his cookies so delicious!

Happy Birthday, Glenn!  Here’s to you!  Enjoy your day today!